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MEDIA release deer need rest and consideration

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The extraordinary location and the state-mandated “lockdown” to bring that more and more people discover the forest for recreation and Sport. A consequence of this is that significantly more people than usual in the nature are on the go. The pressure on plants and animals is in some cases considerable. The office for forest and wildlife is asking the population to consideration, especially as deer currently bring their young into the world.

“Stay home!” – the message of the Federal Council is not followed everywhere. On the contrary, it is precisely because the majority of shops is restricted, and the employment of many people, it attracts many people in the nature. Also available at the office for woods and Wild, it has been found that many people embark on a sightseeing tour

Rearing of young animals is challenging

The reproductive biology of the deer is exciting. It comes after the fertilization in August to rest a three-month germ. Until the end of December, the embryonic growth begins. The kids are mainly set at the end of April to mid-June, regardless of when the spring vegetation begins to sprout. “Mother animals need during this time, a lot of energy and spend search most of the time with food. The animals are disturbed, they lack the necessary energy for the rearing of the young animals and their development deteriorates. Hence, the opportunities for the young animals to sink, that you can survive,” said Priska Müller.

More a place to rest in Action in the forest would be useful

Already Adhere to a few basic rules of interference by deer and other animals can significantly reduce, without the need to forego the beloved trip into the woods. The office for forest and Wild therefore, he asks the population, solidarity, and consideration during the Corona to the crisis, not only towards people but also towards nature, by the following rules be observed:

Use paths and roads, avoid walks, cross-country
You leave no trace, take your waste home with you
Keep dogs under control, take them to the leash
Enjoy the peace and quiet, avoid loud music or noisy activities

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Native animals need for rearing their fawns not only a lot of energy, but also peace of mind. According to considerate, you should behave in the forest. Photo: Chris Nussbaumer

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