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From the crisis and home-grown food more value

Tomorrow, Saturday, the 2. May, is the day of food waste. The Deputy Chairman of the CDU/CSU group in the Bundestag, Gitta connemann stated:

“Since the outbreak of the Corona-crisis home-grown food is not as popular as long. Finally, we have in the past few weeks: the experience of the Full shelves in Germany are not a matter of course.

Currently, there is no reason to worry, because thanks to the performance of our agri – food economy, the food supply was always guaranteed. It is relevant to the system. How much of these depends in the Germany of international supply chains that holds us to the Corona pandemic. Out of the crisis is, therefore, to appreciate home-grown food more value.

Basically, in Germany, we need more food sovereignty. Here, the state is required. Although this country produces some of the staple foods such as potatoes or milk as a consume. But in the case of vegetables, eggs or fruit, such as Apples, the demand for imports must be covered. This must change. Our agriculture and food sector must get a higher priority, and legally. We can do this by writing the food security in the basic law as a state objective.

Every citizen can do something about it. We do not have recourse to wasting food. Because these belong on the plate and not in the trash. An expired yogurt is not part of reflex in the bucket. From a battered banana in a Night can be make. After all, food is too good for the bin.

Food waste costs of food, energy, and money. Here also, education helps. Who knows how food is produced, how long they are edible, throw away less. Therefore, the diet should be knowledge is an integral part of education.

What one pays attention, not thrown away. This is also a question of solidarity. In the past few weeks, some boards had to close. Because a large part of the volunteer belongs to the Corona-risk group. Maybe this is the day of the food waste in 2020, an occasion for the Younger to assist the boards in this difficult time. Helping hands are also needed there.“


EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and/or sentence structure need be perfect.

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