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Source: Swiss Canton de Vaud – news in English

Press release from the Council of State

State of Vaud

Published April 30, 2020

Relaxation of the measures taken in the face of the pandemic COVID-19

The federal Council has given the 29 April the green light to the resumption of teaching in the classroom for the compulsory school in Switzerland. After working for a return to the classroom and coordinated with the other French-speaking cantons, the Department of education, youth and culture (DFJC) has presented its terms for the reopening of the schools. On the basis of the health care framework laid down by the federal Office of public health (FOPH), protection measures will be implemented to ensure the health and safety of students, teachers, and their families. The methods of evaluation, promotion and orientation to complement a device intended to prevent that the exceptional situation that is lived since the 13th of march last prétérite the school careers of pupils of vaud, switzerland. The eight-week classroom course will also help prepare for the start of the school 2020-2021 and help the students the most fragile.

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To stem the spread of the pandemic Covid-19, the federal Council has prohibited, on the 13th of march 2020, the class in the compulsory school. The strength of this prohibition, the DFJC with all stakeholders in the school system of vaud has set up in a few days the distance education which has proved its worth. Less than 50 days later, the federal Council lifted the ban of teaching in the classroom. The school will adapt to this new phase of the pandemic management of the COVID-19. As soon as the announcement of the federal Council’s intention to resume classes on the 11th of may next, the DFJC has built with its partners of the Conference intercantonale de l’instruction publique de la Suisse romande and Ticino (CIIP) a common foundation and consistent conditions for the reopening of the schools.

The health and safety of all stakeholders of the school

The Department welcomes the resumption of classes in the classroom, but the health and safety of students, training professionals and their family members are the cardinal axis of the organization of school life in the institutions. In accordance with the health care framework set by the FOPH, the DFJC, in agreement with the cantonal health authorities, has approved a series of measures the implementation of which in daily life will allow a return serene to school: disinfection of regular surfaces, respecting the distance of 2 meters between adults and between teachers and pupils, precautions for the refectories and canteens of school or in the halls of the masters, gestures barriers, etc, all of these measures is detailed on the FAQ of the township

As of may 11, the school the canton of vaud will conduct a re-entry by a half-class, a-day on two, during the first few weeks. This gradual recovery will allow teachers and students to benefit from an adaptation period and the quality of the environment to re-create the link and re-learn the places of education. They may in particular be familiar with this new “living together” and the gestures of health necessary for the proper conduct of the school days. Conscious of the difficulty of organization that this recovery alternate will be for some time in the families, the DFJC maintains the service home school (SAS) in each school for parents who are working and who would not have childcare for the day when their child is not in progress.

Assessment methods reviewed and adapted to the extraordinary situation

To limit as much as possible the effects of the crisis pandemic on the curriculum of the students and to ensure the respect of equal opportunities, the conditions of promotion, guidance, and certification have been relaxed and journals for students for case limits. The particular situations can be taken into account, as well as the behavior of the student as early as may 11. The main principles and the details of these terms for each academic year are also described on the Faq.

A suitable program and the preparation of the new school year 2020-2021

The back-to-school is an important step for the entire school system of vaud, switzerland. It allows you to recreate the social link, to return to his class and friends, and resume the essential relationship with the teacher in the classroom. Back in the classroom allows you to work with students the more weakened by the discontinuation of the course in the classroom. The program has been researched in order to consolidate knowledge of the most important acquired since the beginning of the school year and to check that certain elements necessary for the transition to the following year are well earned. These eight weeks will be used finally to prepare for the start of the school 2020-2021 to assess the contours of a building programme or catch-up potential.

Office of information and communication of the State of Vaud


DFJC, Cesla Amarelle, councillor of State,021 316 30 00
DFJC, Giancarlo Valceschini, director general, general Directorate of compulsory education,021 316 32 01


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