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Source: European Parliament

The World Health Organization (WHO) is now 80% financed by private donors and 20% by Member State contributions. The Bill Gates Foundation, one of the largest supporters of genetically-modified organisms in the world, is now one of its main contributors, second in order of importance to the USA, which has just announced that it is temporarily halting its contributions. The WHO’s representation to the EU, works together with the Commission, which is the organisation’s eighth most important financial contributor. However, according to the latest published summary report, eight of the 15 scientific members of the WHO’s strategic advisory group of experts have declared, as they are obliged to do by law, an affiliation with the Gates Foundation or other giants of the pharmaceutical sector. Since the swine flu epidemic in 2009, personalities of all persuasions have wondered how influential lobbyists for ‘Big Pharma’ and private foundations may be in the WHO’s decision-making and in determining its policy. In order to advance and enhance this partnership transparently, has the Commission asked the WHO for further details on this subject?

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