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Source: European Parliament

The fragile economy of the European primary sector, which has been badly affected in recent years, mainly by unfair global trade practices, is now facing an existential threat due the coronavirus pandemic. The greatest damage lies in the disorganisation of the single market and especially local markets, which until now have provided farmers with the necessary liquidity.

Greek farmers, following the uncertainty surrounding the new CAP and facing increased production costs, are now isolated in the European South. Measures to curb movements of people as part of the quarantine measures have cut Greek agricultural products off from their markets and production is already facing labour shortages.

In view of the above, will the Commission say:

1. How will the EU protect isolated farmers in mountainous and island areas? A typical example are the thousands of farmers on the Greek islands who today do not even have ferry connections with mainland Greece.

2. Does the EU intend to provide direct funding-benefits in order at least to maintain farmers’ financial equilibrium?

3. Could the EU coordinate the purchase and free distribution of products to vulnerable groups to support production? This measure would assist Greek stockbreeders in particular.

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