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Source: European Parliament

To Janusz Wojciechowski, Commissioner for Agriculture

Like other sectors, the buffalo milk industry is in difficulty because of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly because of the closure of restaurants and pizzerias, which normally use a substantial proportion of the product in processed form.

Their closure is entailing the accumulation of massive quantities of milk produced but not used, because of the lockdown of the restaurant industry thoughout Europe and in other parts of the world.

These days, thousands and thousands of farmers keep Mediterranean buffalos, accepting certain sacrifices to produce a valuable Italian product. Because of the emergency caused by the COVID-19 virus, more than 40% of their milk is not being used, which is cauing enormous financial problems to producers in the sector.

In view of the above, can the Commission answer the following questions:

1. What will it do to safeguard this sector, and particularly thousands of farmers working in it?

2. What measures will it take to redirect the surplus milk being produced, while ensuring that farmers in the sector continue to receive the same income?

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