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Source: European Parliament

In this unprecedented pandemic, the accurate and responsible reporting of information plays an important role in managing the crisis. Undoubtedly, the print and electronic media are striving daily to provide accurate information and guidance for European citizens so as to protect them from the pandemic.

We owe a lot to the day-to-day efforts of media workers to channel correct and reliable information into every home, in every geographical location. In this crisis, the print and electronic media have proved to be our main ally against the pandemic and a stable, reliable and reputable friend in every household.

Unfortunately, the media are experiencing difficult times, as they are in immediate danger of losing the battle for economic survival, as they are unable to sustain further losses.

I believe it is the EU’s duty to support and save its basic ally in providing information during the pandemic and its consistent and steadfast help against fake news.

As a member of the European Parliament’s Commitee on Budgets, I am aware of the possibility of direct financial support for the media.

In view of the above, will the Commission say:

In what ways will it respond to the cry of anguish from all EU citizens to rescue the media?

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