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Source: European Parliament

A 2019 NGO report states that ‘from late 2017, the EU Internal Security Fund available to Italy as part of the Khartoum Process cooperation has been used for the Egypt-Italy security training programme of the Egyptian Police Academy […]’.

A 2019 article on the Polizia di Stato (Italian State Police) website reported that Italy and Egypt would sign a memorandum of understanding to extend the validity of the protocol signed in 2017, thus launching a further edition of the project. This edition, which will be called ITEPA 2, will be financed by the EU and last for two years.

The ITEPA programme inevitably benefits the Egyptian Ministry of Interior. The UN Committee against Torture concluded in 2017 that torture is a systematic practice in Egypt and occurs in police stations, prisons, state security facilities, and Central Security Forces facilities.

1. What amount of Commission funding, and from which instrument, will be spent on this ITEPA 2 programme?

2. What mechanism or process is there to verify end use of funding to the Egyptian Ministry of Interior for ITEPA 1 and ITEPA 2 and to assess the human rights impact of these programmes?

3. How much of the ITEPA 1 and ITEPA 2 training is devoted to human rights?

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