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Source: European Parliament

Some Member States have taken drastic measures in terms of governance of their own country as a result of the COVID-19 induced crisis. By chance, the EU institutions have only referred to governments such as Hungary’s, saying, through spokesperson Christian Wigand, that they will examine the law and maintain close oversight of its implementation by the Hungarian Government.

Does the Commission believe that governing through decree laws passed without reference to Congress or the Senate is acceptable in Spain (six decree laws in 20 days) but contrary to the Treaties when, as in Hungary, the government is not a left-wing one?

Is it the Commission’s view that as Sánchez’s government is a left-wing one, and hence must be exempt from parliamentary scrutiny, there’s no point overseeing its suspension of the scrutiny role exercised by Spain’s Congress of Deputies?

Why does the Commission prejudge the actions of governments on the basis of their political ideology and only criticises the emergency measures taken by some of them?

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