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Source: European Parliament

Article 168 TFEU confers health policy competences on the EU. One of its objectives is to protect citizens from threats to health. Decision 1082/2013/EU on serious cross-border threats to health states that ‘effectively responding to serious cross-border threats to health at national level could require consultation among Member States, in conjunction with the Commission, with a view to coordinating national responses and could necessitate exchange of information’ and obliges the Member States to provide information. Decision 2119/98/EC provides that Member States shall consult each other in liaison with the Commission with a view to coordinating their efforts and provide a response at EU level. In the context of the coronavirus outbreak which has been known about since 31 December, and which the WHO categorised as an international public emergency on 30 January and as a pandemic on 11 March, and in order to ensure genuine protection for European citizens, I should like to ask the following questions:

1. What coordination system has the EU deployed and as of what date?

2. Who were the representatives of the Government of Spain in the relevant mechanisms in this coordination process?

3. What information has been received by the ECDC or other institutions/bodies/agents directly from the Ministry of Health or the Government of Spain and on what date?

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