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Source: European Parliament

Livestock production of Greece has been facing a serious threat recently, with a fall in production and a simultaneous increase in costs. In view of the measures taken to combat COVID-19, all events and customs associated with Orthodox Easter have been cancelled and sheep and goat farmers have been unable to find a market for their products and have had to contend with lower prices and transportation and storage problems. The pork and beef sector is facing the same problem, as the mass catering sector remains closed. At the same time, livestock breeders need to secure a decent income for themselves and their families so that they are not reduced to poverty.

In view of the above, will the Commission say:

1. Does it plan to activate immediately and ahead of schedule all available Community resources to support livestock farming?

2. Does it plan to increase the Community resources available in the immediate future to support livestock breeding? 

3. What compensation can be provided for Greek sheep and goat farmers who faced a blanket lockdown over the Easter period?

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