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SHOWS CASAEm time of the social institutions that use the internet to provide the public with performances of symphony orchestras, ballet and theatre

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Presentations by the São Paulo Municipal Symphony Orchestra are available for access. Credit: disclosure “Every artist has to go where the people are”. The excerpt from the song ‘Nos Bailes da Vida’, written in 1981, seems more current than ever. With theaters and cultural centers closed because of the Covid-19 pandemic, several institutions of the kind “are going” where people are: their home. Theatro Municipal de SP, Sala São Paulo, Cineteatro São Luiz, School of the Bolshoi Theater of Brazil, among others, offer various types of shows for free on their social media channels. So get your seat and get ready: it’s time for the show! The Municipal Theater of São Paulo has announced something new for music lovers. Starting this week, and every next Monday and Wednesday in April, it will make Beethoven’s nine symphonies available in full on his YouTube channel. The performances were recorded last year, on May 31st, June 1st and 2nd. On the occasion, Maestro Roberto Minczuk led the Municipal Symphonic Orchestra, with the participation of the Lyrical Choir, the Paulistano Choir and the soloists Fernando Portinari, Lina Mendes, Keila de Moraes and Sávio Sperandio. The series of exhibitions begins with the most famous composition of the German: the Ninth Symphony. In addition, the Municipal Theater of São Paulo joined the campaign “War on Coronavirus”, to raise funds for the Santa Casa de Misericórdia of São Paulo. Through a video geared towards social media, some musicians from the Theater interpret the section of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony known as ‘Ode to Joy’, with a poem by Friedrich Schiller, sung in the fourth movement, which exalts brotherhood and hope. See article about it here. Conductor Roberto Minczuk, holder of the São Paulo Municipal Symphony Orchestra, emphasizes the importance of the project being available on the internet, so that more people have the experience of seeing musical concerts. “Nothing compares to the experience of the live show, of seeing the music happen at that moment, having contact with the artist on the stage. It is a special energy. However, the registration and dissemination of this (over the internet) gives longevity and leaves this moment registered. It is as if you do not exist if you are not in these media ”, comments.Minczuk celebrated the fact that the disclosure on the internet began with Beethoven’s nine symphonies. “He is one of the greatest composers of all time, and his set of symphonies is one of the most relevant. Perhaps compared to Shakespeare’s complete work. And in this year of 2020 we celebrate the 250th anniversary of this great master. These symphonies will be heard for the next 250, 500, 1000 years ”, he stresses. Sala São Paulo, home to the São Paulo State Symphony Orchestra (Osesp), is another important institution that released recordings of musical concerts. It is possible to see on YouTube several presentations of the group with great conductors and soloists. The program includes the Osesp collection, which will always be available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, on YouTube at Sala São Paulo. In addition, in the campaign “#fiqueemcasa com osesp musicians”, the members of the Orchestra and the Choir occasionally share on social media (Instagram and Facebook) moments of music directly from their homes. On their Portal, Sala São Paulo clarifies that the moment forced to change the routine of shows to prioritize the well-being and health of the public. “Thus, all activities in Sala São Paulo are suspended until we can meet again on better days. In the meantime, we do not want to stop nurturing what unites us – the passion for culture and music. We want you to feel welcomed and embraced in this period of so many uncertainties ”, says the statement. Cineteatro São Luiz, located in the historic center of Fortaleza, is a symbolic and patrimonial landmark of the city, keeping, in its classic architecture, a significant part of the trajectory of arts in the state of Ceará. On March 26, on its 62nd birthday, the entity launched “São Luiz em Casa”, which started to make available on YouTube the show-class of the actor and playwright from Ceará, Guilherme Guilherme. “Luiz, Camera, Action!” was staged on Cineteatro’s 60th anniversary. The staging covers six decades of Cineteatro São Luiz’s history (1958-2018), reliving memories and rescuing historical aspects that permeate the social life of the capital of Ceará, with iconographic and sound material.BOLSHOI BRASIL – Only branch of the famous Bolshoi Theater in in another country, the Bolshoi Theater School in Brazil offers, on YouTube, two attractions for those who like ballet performances: Ballet Kaori and Don Quixote. The School has been operating since March 15, 2000, in the city of Joinville, Santa Catarina. In addition, the Bolshoi Brasil School provided a playlist with 11 compositions for ballet classes. With the help of technology and a keyboard, the songs were recorded at home and will contribute to keeping the body and mind active. The songs for ballet classes are available, free of charge on SoundClound. The director general of Bolshoi Brasil, Pavel Kazarian, commented on the School’s website that, in this period of social isolation, art ends up being a haven for artists and everyone who appreciates the best of what it can offer. “While classical dance teachers and dancers at Cia. Jovem at Escola Bolshoi are dedicated to offering quality content through online classes to our audience, we pianists think about doing the same thing, in relation to music. We know that there is little content available dedicated to the practice of classical dance, it was a way to help all dance schools, our audience and students ”, said Pavel.GRUPO CORPO – Grupo Corpo, one of the most important contemporary dance companies in the country , shared several shows to, as the official blog of the company says, “spend more time together during quarantine”. To this end, the Group makes available two full shows each week. The videos can be accessed here.

The Body Group also shared several of the shows on the internet. Credit: divulgaçãoAs presentations this week, we will be by Bach, and the tour, which is available on Youtube from the 5th to the 12th of April. You need to sign in to your account, select from one of the videos included in the promotion, and click on the “for rent”, without having to fill in your credit card data. In the field “apply promo code” enter: grupocorpo45anos.As shown above, the art and the culture, bet on the internet is to remain a part of the lives of millions of people at one time is so special. They are the institutions, artists, initiatives, and solutions that will strive to bring joy into the homes of the people, in the form of a festival. And, as you say, a snippet from the famous song by Arlindo Cruz said, “I know we are once again up in the air, the show must go on”.In This Edition: André Martins

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