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Brasília (DF), 06/04/2020 In the war against the Covid-19, the Ministry of Defence (MD) has been undertaking a number of actions on a number of fronts as part of Operation COVID-19. One of them is carried out by the Centre for the co-Ordination of Logistics and Mobilization (CCLM) in the MD by means of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), provides to the transport-of-mouth, and other supplies to combat the disease, and to support the activities of the Ministry of Saúde.Com the involvement of the Department of Defense Products (SEPROD) of the MD, and the National Confederation of Industry (CNI), which has service centres in some parts of the country, the work that will be performed this week aiming to the repair of those equipment, you are corrupt. The action will also focus on the distribution of goods to health facilities in different parts of the country.On Monday (6) in an aircraft that the MILITARY is the transport of 18 ventilators for manutenidos, at the headquarters of the Center for Innovation at the National Service of Industrial Learning (SENAI), Belo Horizonte, minas gerais, brazil), who is ready to build on the work of the service. The equipment is from Macapá (AP), and Brasília (federal district). The aircraft also carries a 2.8 billion doses of vaccines, tetravalent and the flu the Flu for a Macapa (which will receive 1.5 million doses), and Palmas (TO), from which a portion of the stock will, on the ground, to Araguaína (TO).

The aircraft used in the operation of the VC-99, which belongs to the Group of Special Transport (GTE), and that in order to meet the needs of the Operation, Covid-19, and is adapted to carry up to 4,000 kg of cargo.On the other, through the Secretariat, of the Products of the Defense (SEPROD), the doctor is applying the companies operating in the sector, and that can be very helpful in the fight against the COVID-19. The goal of the action is named “COVID-19, a Product within the Reach of Everyone” ” is to identify the businesses that can provide you with the equipment to assist in fighting the new virus.At the same time, the Ministry is providing the information on businesses for government agencies. The link with the names of the companies and the locations they work in and the equipment they provide has been submitted to the Ministry of Health, the Armed Forces, the National Council of Municipal Secretaries of Health (CONASEMS), which brings together all the ministers of Health of more than 5.5 thousand municipalities in the country, and the National Council of state Secretaries of Health (CONASS), which involves the Secretaries of State for Health. The action will speed up the process, since the distribution of the enterprises of the Defense-is wide-ranging, with nearly all of the regions in the country.The action speaks to the duality of the Industrial Base of the Defence bank (IDB), since, so far, more than 120 products that have already been delivered. The list includes: alcohol, gel, articles, laboratory equipment, respiratory therapy, and articles for use in the surgical kits, the rapid test for the diagnosis of the disease, disinfectants, gloves, and surgical masks, and protective eyewear-safety, digital thermometers, laser, face shields, safety among other things.Other companies that are not in the Defense sector have also been recorded. They ofertam products such as: power, water filters have the ability to block the virus, and tracking systems, 3-d printers, systems and technologies in the area of health, the platform for the Artificial Intelligence to carry out a diagnosis of the COVID-19 and the mobile unit is adapted to carry out consultations.Currently, the IDB has close to eur 1.1 billion business. Of this total, 114 are recorded on the MD as the Business of the Defence (ED) as well as Strategic Companies of Defense (EED).

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I have a Military support campaign for the donation of the alimentosMinistério of the Defense and reinforces the actions of the Operation, COVID-19Nota the press, the Military transport on Monday, ventilators, hospital, and vacinasPor André Pinto SilveiraFoto Arthur Diniz MarraAssessoria for Social Communication (Ascom), Ministry of Defence, (61) 3312-4071

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