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Source: Labour List UK

Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner have emerged as the winners of Labour’s leadership elections today. Here’s how Labour figures, party-affiliated trade unions and campaign groups reacted…

Richard Leonard

The Scottish Labour leader said: “Keir will make an outstanding leader of the Labour Party and future Prime Minister. He has the overwhelming support of members right across the party.

“Keir has a fine intellect but has his feet on the ground. He knows what we need to do to change this country, to come through this Covid crisis and to build a better society.

“He gets Scotland and the urgent need for a constitutional convention to modernise Britain. I am looking forward to working closely with him.”

On the success of Rayner, Leonard added: “Angela’s election will bring a new energy and campaigning zeal to help lead the party, so I am delighted to see her win such a clear mandate.

“I know that she’ll be working closely with the Scottish Labour Party to rebuild our support and party organisation.”

Mark Drakeford

The Welsh Labour Leader and First Minister of Wales said: “I know that in Keir, we have a UK Labour leader who will continue to stand up for Wales’ interests and support the work of the Welsh Labour Government in delivering for the people of Wales.

“I also extend the best wishes from everyone in Welsh Labour to Angela on her election as Deputy Leader. Her energy and compassion will be an asset to the party and I look forward to campaigning with her across Wales in the years ahead.

“Now the election is over, our party must come together to face the challenges that all too clearly lay ahead of us. United and focused we will win the public’s trust and in time, their permission to govern across the UK.”


Dave Prentis, general secretary of the first union to back Starmer and Rayner, said: “I’m so pleased Keir has been elected. He now has a clear mandate to lead Labour at this difficult time for our country.

“The qualities Keir embodies – public service, respect and trust – are values UNISON shares, and they’ve never been more important. Keir has been the stand-out candidate in this race, the right person to lead Labour at this time of national crisis.”

“Now the entire Labour movement needs to come together, united behind our new leader.

“Angela Rayner’s rise to deputy leader is a tremendous moment for UNISON and the party. Angela is truly one of our own, a care worker who became a union rep and then an MP.

“I know she’ll excel in her new role as she has throughout her meteoric rise. I know too that Angela will never forget where she’s come from. She’s grounded by her deep roots in our movement and her community – and an inspiration to millions.”

Unite the Union

Len McCluskey commented: “Both Keir and Angela have pledged to build upon our party’s radicalism. It is the job now of our movement to support them in this as they move forward to ensure our party plays its full part in our national political life in these unprecedented times.

“Now, more than ever, we need a strong, united labour movement speaking up for our communities, and making the case for our values because it will be our determination to secure decency, dignity and fairness for all working people that will ensure we find a way out of this crisis and towards a better future.”


General secretary Tim Roache said: “Huge congratulations to Keir and Angela, they’re going to make a fantastic team. It’s time to start a new chapter, we need to leave behind the infighting and navel-gazing and get on with being a government in waiting.

“We’re in very uncertain times right now, and that calls for bold and strong leadership. Labour and the union movement must work with government to get us through the coronavirus crisis, but every government must be held to account – there are many areas where the response has been lacking and where the future remains uncertain.

“GMB Union will be full square behind Keir and Angela in the weeks, months and years ahead.”


“Firstly, I thank my dear friend and comrade Jeremy Corbyn for the game changing work he has done as leader of our Party,” general secretary Manuel Cortes said.

He added: “I am absolutely delighted that the candidate that our union nominated, Keir Starmer, is now Labour’s new leader. Keir supports public ownership of our railways and supports the cause of transport workers.

“Our union worked very closely with Keir in his role as Shadow Brexit Secretary, and we have forged a good relationship that I know will continue in his new role.”


“We congratulate Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner on their election as leader and deputy leader of the Labour Party. We look forward to working with them to elect a Labour Government that will carry out the kind of bold, transformational policies our country and planet so badly need.”

The spokesperson added: “Keir has pledged support for most of the programme, including the public ownership of rail, mail, energy and water, a Green New Deal, kicking the privatisers out of the NHS, scrapping tuition fees, closing down detention centres and taxing the top 5%.

“His mandate is to build on Jeremy’s transformative vision, and this means appointing a broad shadow cabinet who believe in the policies and will work with members to make them a reality.

“In this new era, Momentum will play a new role. We’ll hold Keir to account and make sure he keeps his promises, champion big ideas like the Green New Deal, build the power of Labour members and do everything we can to get a Labour government elected.”

Labour First

The ‘old right’ organisation welcomed the election of Starmer, saying: “This is an important turning point after five dismal years where Labour descended into a morass of extremism, sectarianism and electoral decline.

“The Corbyn years were a disaster for Labour electorally, culminating in the worst parliamentary result since 1935, but also seeing our local government base decimated…

“Keir Starmer’s election is the starting point in rebuilding a decent, united party, free from the scourges of bullying, antisemitism and excessive factionalism, and regaining the trust of the electorate so that we can return to government and build a society based on social democratic values of justice and equality.

“Labour First stands ready to enthusiastically support Keir in tackling these tasks.”

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