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Thank You Very Much. – Mr President! Mr President, ladies and gentlemen! We, as the Federal government will place a request for the renewal of the Mandate in the fight against the Terror of the IS. You all know that We have been wrestling with in the Federal government, in the coalition intensive this mandate. What we are presenting today, is an irresponsible and a fair compromise.

With your consent, the soldier will be moved inside and the soldiers of the Bundeswehr in the position to make their use against the IS, against a the IS and for a stabilization of the political Situation in Iraq and in Syria. This is good news for the common fight against Terror.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU)

Four weeks ago I was with some of them from this house, our soldiers and our soldiers in Iraq and in Jordan visited, and with our partners in the Region spoken of, and with all of the partners, the civil and the military. The result was clear. The Region is at a crossroads. The is is smashed territorial, controlled no more, but he is not yet defeated. He has collected in the underground new. He still continues to perpetrate terrorist attacks. He aspires to the age, strength, and the power of the situation in the Region so dangerous.

The international coalition must, therefore, receive the military pressure on the IS upright

(Applause from the CDU/CSU)

We are working in a networked approach. We create security and stability so that we can be civil to build up again. The contribution of our military is and will remain especially important. He is for the Anti-IS coalition of high relevance. This applies to both pillars of the insert. This applies to the elucidation of our tornadoes in Jordan with their special skills, their flexibility, their high education quality, with which they can make essential contributions to the picture of the situation for the Anti-IS coalition.

In the present mandate as an endpoint, however, was called. Already there was said that after a replacement provision will be sought, because it is clear that a replacement loose Swipe of this ability the mission would be critical.

A replacement is not guaranteed. That is why we have agreed that we use the time period for the air reconnaissance by six months, until 31. To extend to March 2020,. Therefore, the Ministry of defence is now, unlike in the past, promptly and systematically in the discussions with the partners to ensure a replacement. The German armed forces will prepare for a subsequent withdrawal of their forces.

Of high relevance is also the second pillar of the contribution, the sustainable strengthening of the Iraqi security forces in Erbil and Taji is for us. Our goal is that the Peshmerga and the Central Iraqi soldiers may in the future assume responsibility for themselves for the security in Iraq. Thus, we relieve our allies. In order for these allies, the other core can contribute skills in the common struggle with.

Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, Germany comes with this mandate, its international responsibility. We are strengthening the bulwarks against the Terror. Our journey has been asked by a colleague in this house: How should I explain to my constituents the use of the Bundeswehr on the ground? The response of the managers was very clear. You have said clearly: It is not a question of regional terrorists

Thank You Very Much.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU as well as from members of the SPD and the FDP)


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