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Source: the President of Latvia, in Latvian

The president of the state, Egils Levits, today spoke to the Jurmala city council chairman Gati Truksni, Tukums district municipality, president of the Normundu Romote and Vecumnieku district president, Guntis Kalniņa, in order to proceed with the identification of regional challenges and good practices in the koronavīrusa Covid, with 19 of the losses and the persistence of the crisis.The city and the Tukums district leaders shared information about developments in the food supply to low-income families and children in quarantine, or pašizolācijā belonging to the people. It has also been said about the advantages of utility service shall pay the real estate tax extension, as well as the property of the municipality councils, and now the idle enterprises of the release from a rent charge. The president was welcomed by the Tukums district offered psychological counselling be available to citizens.In turn, Vecumnieku district, the president said, E. Levitu that the county’s leadership will be decided on lunch supplies for school for children from low-income families. Similarly, the state maintains the social order of young people’s activities in public places.Several of the heads of local government in the negotiations with the president of the State has raised the issue of the crisis a major help would be to liberālākas of municipalities to borrow funds from the Public treasury, and the particular crises challenging to address, both for the economy “to heat” areas. According to E. Levita view of these issues in the near future, the detail of the jāizspriež the government in a dialogue with the local authorities.Similarly, the heads of the local governments is a cause for concern, the employees of which companies have a tax debt, can’t get idle support. The president believes that a well of their staff of these conditions, to receive social assistance.


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