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Brasilia, 28/03/2020 The Armed Forces will carry out the disinfection of the Central metro Station in Brasília, this Saturday (the 28th), beginning at 23. Already in the morning and in the afternoon, the military descontaminaram the terminals in a Garden, the Ocean, the Dawn as well as Leisure travellers in Rio de Janeiro. The actions that take place during the Operation of Covid-19, which is turned to 10 the Command Sets that are scattered throughout the whole country, and is co-ordinated by the Ministry of Defence.The activities of the Armed Forces, aimed at coping with the coronavirus in the great movement of the passengers. In the Capital city of the country, the work of disinfection will be performed outside of the hours of operation of the metro, the no concentration of the people on the ground, making it easier to conduct the activity, and the application of chemicals in a safe manner. In Rio de Janeiro, and the three terminals of the bus rapid transit have been closed between 12: 30 and 17: the action of remediation of the environment. The military is applied in products of decontaminants on the turnstiles, handrails, validators, and on the other, the common ground at the press of passengers at the three terminals, representing a large number of users on a daily basis. The product was used by the Navy, and the Army is able to remove all of the new coronavirus, among others, the micro-organisms that cause disease. It’s called the BX24, its composition is chlorine-based. The disinfectant is applied to surfaces that passengers come into contact. However, it should be noted that in the hygiene and personal care such as cleaning of hands with soap and water is crucial to preventing the spread. The action in Brasilia, counts with a military Company for the Defense Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear, from the federal university of bahia, under the Command of the Special Operations unit, employed in the security for major events such as the fifa World Cup in Brazil and the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.The service of Brasilia’s signature:Date: 28th of march 2020

By Captain-Lieutenant in The CostaFotos: Navy BrasilAssessoria for Social Communication (ASCOM), Ministry of Defence (MD)(61) 3312-4071

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