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Source: Socialist Republic of Vietnam

In which, domestic revenue reached VND256.8 trillion, fulfilling 20.6% of the full-year target. Revenue from crude oil hit VND12.1 trillion, equivalent to 34.5% of the year’s plan, while State budget collection from exports reached VND42.4 trillion, accounting for 20.4% of the year’s target.

Domestic revenues collected from State-owned enterprises reached VND29.3 trillion, similar to 16.5% of the estimate, while budget collection from foreign-invested enterprises (excluding crude oil) reached VND48.9 trillion, fulfilling 21.4% of the 2020 target.

Revenue from non-state trade and services taxes reached VND54.3 trillion, equal to 20% of the yearly estimate, in addition to VND 28.1 trillion collected from personal income tax, accounting for 21.9% of the year’s plan.

Total State budget expenditure in the first quarter of the year was estimated at VND278.1 trillion, equalling to 15.9% of the estimate. In which, recurrent expenditure reached VND201.2 trillion, fulfilling 19% of the estimate.

Development and investment expenditure was at VND47.7 trillion, equalling 10.1% of the estimate, while those for interest payment reaching VND28.6 trillion, equal to 24.2% of the year’s plan.

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