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Source: The Left”It is only thanks to the unions that the pension Commission has decided to no pension until 70, and not completely crash in the pension level. The only good ‘results’ in the 126 pages thick final report. This event was a waste of time. Now it shows that it is a giant was not error to call the pension experts of the democratic opposition parties with pension concepts in the Commission,“ explains Matthias W. Birkwald, pension policy spokesman of the faction of THE LEFT party, today submitted the report of the pension Commission. Birkwald:”On the special votes to recognize it clearly: The Union, the Commission appointed a supposed retirement, Pope Professor Axel Börsch-Supan has not managed the retirement age to increase to age now is 67 years and the pension level to 44 percent of crashes. But in the defensive battle against his Mantra, the statutory pension is too expensive, has not succeeded, unfortunately, the Commission to design a reliable generation of the contract for the time after 2025. Only a return to a standard of living the level of pensions by 53 percent, as it was in the year 2000, would give today’s young and middle-aged people, the trust in the statutory pension back, and today’s pensioners effectively protect against a creeping loss of purchasing power and poverty in old age.But the Commission avoids the Herculean task, the statutory pension insurance to rebuild to a worker’s insurance, and not only Independent, but also civil servants, members of Parliament, professionals and step to include all people with earned income in the statutory pension. No word that the state pension needs a poverty-proof base, in countries like Austria for instance, for a long time. THE LEFT calls, therefore, for poverty-proof disability pensions and an income – and asset-tested Solidarity-based minimum pension, because no one should have to live in the old-age or incapacity for work of less than 1,050 Euro and, in perspective, of 1,200 euros net.“


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