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The defense Minister of Russia, army General Sergey Shoigu spoke at a meeting of the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation in the framework of “government hour”.

The defense Minister told the senators about the state of the Armed Forces and the main directions of their further development.

At the beginning of his speech, Sergei Shoigu reminded, what was the state of the Russian Army in 2012.

“The level of modernity of weapons and equipment accounted for 16 percent, and health 47. A radical reduction of the officer corps led to the emergence of 61 thousand rasporyazheniem. They annually spend 32 billion rubles. I explain that this officers who couldn’t be fired due to lack of housing. They received a cash allowance and all kinds of security, but not doing duty. Rasporyajenii occupied 28 thousand office apartments, and therefore, the same number of active officers rented housing at commercial prices,” — said the defense Minister.

The defense Minister added that the overall housing need of 107 thousand. In 2012, the courts of the Supreme Commander and Minister of defence was filed 124 thousand claims for violation of the rights of servicemen. The number of contractors did not exceed 186 thousand

The result of the pursuit of savings is the decline of efficiency of functioning of systems of military and pre-University education, the basing of troops and their logistical support.

“Was eliminated for medical and sports companies, repair organs of military management, paralyzed the work of the leading medical center of the Military medical Academy named after Kirov. The shortage of aircrew exceeded 2,3 thousand officers”, — said Sergey Shoigu.

In addition, at the departmental balance were 1.3 thousand military bases, is designed to transmit the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Maintaining them annually was spent about 5 billion rubles, and more than 5 thousand troops, instead of combat training involved in their protection.

The defense Minister recalled that the confidence of citizens that the army is able to defend the country, accounted for 21 percent. The prestige of military service does not exceed 28 percent. Many of the problems of the army, unscrupulous politicians have used to increase their ratings.

“To remedy the situation, the Commander in chief in the may 2012 presidential Executive orders have set a number of priorities: to increase the share of modern weapons by the end of 2020 to 70 percent within five years to annually increase the number of contract servicemen is not less than 50 thousand people, to raise the level of social protection of servicemen in the housing and allowance, to organize the work on military-Patriotic education of youth, to increase the prestige and attractiveness of military service”, — said the Minister of defence.

In continuation of the Federation Council Sergei Shoigu spoke about the current state of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

“The equipment of troops with modern weapons and equipment brought to 68.2 percent. By the end of the year it will reach the target of 70 percent. The present strategic nuclear forces will exceed 87%. Serviceability of weapons and equipment in the Armed Forces is maintained at 94 percent,” — said the head of the military Department.

Additionally, completed extensive work on upgrading all missile brigades in the operational-tactical complex “Iskander”. Since 2012, the army received more than 12 thousand modern weapons and equipment.

Air and space forces and naval aviation had more than 1.4 thousand planes and helicopters. The Navy — more than 190 ships, boats and support vessels.

As a result, by 2020, as emphasized by the Minister of defence, the combat potential of the Armed Forces has increased more than two times, allowing it to maintain strategic parity with NATO in the conditions of growing military threats.

“The military activity of the North Atlantic Alliance close to our borders every year increases. Increasing land and sea group block. A growing number of countries-members of NATO. Deploys a global missile defense system the U.S. — said Sergey Shoigu. In contrast to these and other threats, we perform the tasks of the Supreme Commander’s messages to the Federal Assembly. First of all, increasing the deterrent.”

The defense Minister added that at the experimental combat duty are high-precision hypersonic aircraft missile systems “Dagger”. Conducted flight tests naval missiles “Zircon”. In December last year on combat duty atonement first missile regiment “vanguard”, as well as laser equipment Peresvet. Completed the modernization of industrial production for the serial production of heavy Intercontinental ballistic missiles “Sarmat”.

“Today the information space has become another theater of war. Over the past three years on information infrastructure of the Armed Forces were more than 25 thousand high-tech computer attacks from abroad. Every year their number increases by an average of 12 percent. We are ready for this fight,” — said the Minister of defence.

Sergei Shoigu said that the Russian defense Ministry created a reliable system of protection of information resources, providing high stability of the control system of the Armed Forces. All attacks neytralizuya.

“Actively oppose fake news. Western countries regularly accuse Russia of involvement in high-profile incidents such as the intervention in the American elections, various hacker attacks, concealment combat losses and so on. In our country, they are caught up in the Pro-Western opposition division, regularly trained abroad. Under the guise of laws on the media, activists are trying to infiltrate military sites, hunt for relatives and witnesses. Climb to the hospitals where our wounded are, to the cemetery, to the funeral. Remove the inputs and outputs of our closed facilities and spread to the Internet. You can imagine what responsibility they would have attracted in the West,” said the defense Minister, stressing that this area requires further legislative regulation.

Further, the defence Minister told the senators about the results of activities of the Russian Armed Forces in the Syrian Arab Republic.

“You see every day the results of our activities. Operation in the country raised the international prestige of Russia and gave a huge impulse for the development of the Armed Forces,” — said Sergey Shoigu.

According to the head of the military Department, combat experience has been that all the commanders of military districts and officers of their staffs, and all the commanders of the combined armies, armies and air defense force, the commanders of divisions, brigades and regiments, 90% of flight crews, 56% of the specialists of air defense, and 61% of the Navy, 98% — of the military police.

“We have a whole galaxy of highly qualified pilots with more than 200 combat missions,” — said the Minister of defence.

To continue the lighting state of the Armed Forces Sergey Shoigu said that the troops are equipped with modern and proven in combat reliable weapon.

“Over the past seven years has significantly changed the personnel of the Armed Forces. The number of soldiers decreased to 225 million, and the number of soldiers exceeds 405 thousand, i.e. increased more than two times. Their fully equipped sergeants and petty officers of the post, the fighting units of spetsnaz, Marines, battalion tactical groups, as well as the position associated with the operation of complex machinery. Implemented material incentives contract”, — said the head of the military Department.

Sergei Shoigu added that the quarterly polls of military personnel show their high level of political, moral and psychological state. The willingness of the military to repel foreign aggression is 93 percent, and 94 percent are confident in the successful fulfilment of combat tasks.

In addition, at the request of the Minister of defence, restored the system of military education. In 2018, held the first full release of officers from military schools. Maintained a high competition in educational institutions of Ministry of defense of Russia. Last year, it reached 18 people.

In continuation of his speech, the defense Minister touched upon the theme of social protection of servicemen.

“Since 2012, housing provided 775 thousand 736 people. Of them 244 107 thousand have got permanent housing, 226 thousand 712 — service apartments. For 304 917 thousand servicemen compensation for the sublease brought to the real market sizes”, — informed the senators Sergei Shoigu.

He also added that in 2014 due to the introduction of subsidies have a choice of buying an apartment or building a house. Today took 37 312 thousand soldiers.

“I want to note that this form of providing permanent housing and helped to solve the perennial problem of rasporyazheniem. Today in the Armed Forces they are not” — said the Minister of defence.

Speaking of pay, the defense Minister said that the Ministry of defence maintains it at the level of remuneration of employees in leading economic sectors. From 1 October last year held the indexation of allowance for 4.3%, military pensions increased by 6.3 percent.

“Due to the remoteness and dispersion of the garrisons of the children of military personnel do not always have the opportunity to receive a quality education. The Ministry of defence has established a network of Suvorov military schools, cadet corps, presidential cadet schools, the Nakhimov naval school and its branches. Open school for gifted children. Today our pre-University educational institutions to provide modern education 14 345 thousand pupils, — said Sergey Shoigu. — Such possibility is provided for girls. In Moscow and St. Petersburg are open to them, pensions, which, along with a good education, they get a decent education.”

Turning to the issue of military-Patriotic work in the country, the defense Minister recalled that recently heard the opinion about the degradation of the system.

“In 2016 we moved from discussion of concepts, approaches and principles to a real business. It was created all-Russian military-Patriotic movement “Uname”. Today in its ranks more than 700 thousand boys and girls, United by a common idea of patriotism and desire for service to the Fatherland”, — said the head of the military Department.

Sergei Shoigu thanked the governors who are actively engaged in the development of Junior military movements are in 73 regions, highlighting Moscow, Kaluga, Arkhangelsk region and the Komi Republic.

“We find it difficult to explain why in 12 regions yunarmeytsy do not feel the support of the local authorities, — said the Minister of defence. Also there are senators who not yet have their own affiliated Junior military detachment.”

In the regions formed Junior military centres, which are not only the successors of the houses of pioneers, but also significantly expand their functions.

“At various venues, with various stands of about 30 years, there was a discussion whether we need basic military training. We have moved away from these disputes and began to do business,” said the defense Minister.

In all regions of the country created a year-round training and methodological centers of military-Patriotic education “vanguard”. In these centres during the week the boys and girls in a fascinating and accessible form will get adequate skills in basic military training. This will be their first military training.

Currently, the centers Avangard are created in 81субъекте. In the Nizhniy Novgorod region it is already open. Actively under construction in the Moscow region.

By the end of this year it is planned to open such centers in 18 regions of the country and the other for 2021. All centers are created at military landfills.

Until a final decision on the placement of the centers of the leadership of the Chechen Republic, Murmansk and Tver regions.

“In preparation for the 75th anniversary of the great Victory are implementing a number of projects”, — continued Sergei Shoigu.

In commemoration of this event will be consecrated and opened the Main temple of the Armed Forces. The project has become truly popular. Citizens United, the idea of keeping the spiritual memory of the great Victory.

“Thank you for the personal contribution to the construction of the Temple 91 thousand supporters across the country, many of whom are senators, and You, Valentina,” asked the defense Minister to the Chairman of the Federation Council.

In addition, in a Museum complex “Road of memory” for programowej territory for the first time in world history perpetuated the memory of all war veterans. To date, processed more than 27 million photos and posts about them, posted 11.5 thousand wartime letters.

Around the perimeter of the “Road of remembrance” in the memorial plates will be placed brass case with the earth from all places of burial places of soldiers of red Army, collected in the framework of “a Handful of memory”.

Across the country conduct propaganda event “Echelons of Victory”. In 84 cities of Russia held rallies, meetings with veterans and concerts. For this formed by five agitation trains.

The defense Minister expressed the hope that governors will support these activities.

“Also expect the active participation of constituent entities in conducting 11 search expeditions of the Ministry of defence. They plan to renovate and equip 2144 military burial,” — said Sergey Shoigu.

Turning to the issue of interaction with constituent entities of the Russian Federation, the defense Minister noted that the property of constituent entities of 1800 transferred to military camps that are not used by the Armed Forces. It is about 84 thousand objects of real estate, including 53 thousand buildings housing the boiler 525, 467 kindergartens and 54 schools.

“All requests to transfer a residential building and house officers begin with the words “this will improve the lives of citizens, to ensure their leisure and so forth,” and the letters on the donation of land “it will reduce the cost per square meter, will provide resettlement from dilapidated housing”. It would be useful to analyze the status of the sent for six years 3956 land plots with a total area of 154 thousand 318 hectares, 285 health facilities, 312 houses officers, before the transfer was full of life, — said the head of the military Department. — Information coming from the media, talking about their very poor condition”.

So, in 2018 in the city of Engels of the Ministry of defense handed over to the municipal authorities, the historic building officers. Its walls still remember the formation of women’s regiments, under the guidance of Marina Raskova preparations for the flight of Yuri Gagarin and German Titov.

According to the Minister of defence, it was envisaged that local government will conduct its reconstruction. But for two years nothing has been done. Measures are being taken, including with the participation of the Chairman of the state Duma, the preservation of historical heritage.

“I want to remind you that the army is always free of charge involved in elimination of consequences of natural disasters, fighting fires, providing humanitarian assistance to the population. We will continue to do it,” — said Sergey Shoigu.

“For many years we are constantly deceived, presenting inflated bills. This issue we decided, — said the head of the military Department. — Installed more than 113 thousand of metering devices of energy resources. The results were not long in coming. Today we know how much warm water and consume daily Armed Forces. The economic effect amounted to 3 billion rubles.”

“Many of you remember the bathing days in the army, change of linen every seven days, washing footcloths of povorotnikov. Currently, all residence 35 thousand soldiers equipped with showers where you can wash up anytime, not once a week”, — stated the Minister of defence.

In addition, the installation of 17 thousand washing machines is possible to abandon the use of municipal infrastructure when conducting bath and Laundry activities.

“We have repeatedly invited the regions to take redundant equipment that they could use for municipal purposes, fighting fires, elimination of consequences of natural disasters. Responded to a few. Today we have the opportunity to transfer 8 thousand units of military equipment dual-use”, — said Sergey Shoigu.

In conclusion, the defense Minister noted that the prestige and attractiveness of military service has increased significantly.

“Since 2012, in Russian society there is a progressive increase in the approval of activities of the Armed Forces. The Russian army trust about 90% of the population, negative evaluation has decreased in 4,5 times” — led the statistics, the Minister of defence.

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