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From classic romantic literature to children’s books that will appeal to readers of any age. Study bookshelves actors Boris Klyuev, Sergey Malinin, Alice Grebenschikova and Polina Lazareva and Director Vladimir Pankov.

Spend an evening with a book — a good idea under any circumstances. Something to read sitting in your favorite chair, suggest five theatre workers of Moscow.

“Martin Eden” By Jack London

Work on one of his top novels of Jack London began in the summer of 1907 during travel on the yacht “Snark”, built on their own plan. London decided to gamble, which subsequently wanted to write a book: to cross a few oceans, to visit the Pacific Islands, Japan, India, New Zealand and other countries, then go to the Mediterranean, Black and Baltic sea and from there to move to new York and finish the journey in San Francisco. The book “Journey on “Snark”” was published only in 1911: while sailing Jack London came up with another story.

The first line “Martin Eden” was written during the stay in the Hawaiian Islands, and in the light novel came out in 1909. The main character also makes a journey, but not for the seas and oceans, and the social ladder — from simple sailor to the famous writer. The work is largely autobiographical: like his hero, the writer was born in a simple family, and his success was the result of tireless work.

“Martin Eden” takes pride of place on the bookshelf of Boris Klyuyev — actor of the Maly theater, people’s artist of Russia. He is sure that without this work he would not have become who he is.

“I learned a lot thanks to “Martin Eden”: for example, what shape life should be at the expense of the will, determination, stubbornness. That’s when you can really reach the heights. If you really have the goal — you achieve it”.

Remarque, Hemingway and Lermontov. Study bookshelf actor Boris Klyuyev

“Submission” By Michel Houellebecq

The French writer Michel Houellebecq, winner of the Prix Goncourt for his novel “the map and the territory”, fantasizes about the not too distant future. Action dystopian novel “Submission”, released in Russia in 2015, takes place in 2022-m. the Place is France, where the presidential election was won by the leader of the organization “Muslim brotherhood”.

Under his leadership, the country comes the rule of Patriarchy: women again go into the shadows, taking place in the kitchen while men get to have harems. Literature Professor françois experiencing a personal crisis, suddenly finds its place in this ambiguous new state, his life begins to change for the better.

Among the admirers of this book is Sergey Malinin, actor “Electrotheatre Stanislavsky”, the leading soloist of the contemporary music ensemble’n Caged. He says to buy the book it prompted an intriguing cover with JohnDoe in hijab.

“Houellebecq proposes to look at the situation calmly, without excessive emotion. He talks about what can come of a society that can give Islam the modern European world, what changes can happen — both negative, and positive.”

Hobbits and elves to the Constitution: read Sergei Malinin

“Nine letters” by Marina Tsvetaeva

The basis of the “Nine letters” is a story that happened with Marina Tsvetaeva in the early 1920s. In the middle of may 1921 Ilya Ehrenburg introduced her to Abram Vishniac, editor and the business Manager of the publishing house “Helicon”. Vishniac admired her talent, loved her poems. In 1922 he released her collection of “Separation” to help raise money for a trip to her husband Sergey Efron, a member of the civil war, at that time was in Prague, Tsvetaeva and for some time believed that he was dead.

Gradually the poet and the editor approached. Vishniac shared their feelings about the infidelity of his wife, and Tsvetaeva was increasingly in love with him. She wrote him letters full of feelings. “But I know: You loved me through my poems,” she said in one of them. Written Vishniac letters Tsvetaeva wanted to use for the book in French, but it never happened.

“Nine letters” in Russian was published in 1999, the House-Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva. One of the first collection I bought Alisa Grebenshchikova, a big fan of Tsvetayeva’s poems.

“This book means a lot to me, I can read endlessly. And quote, even if you open any page at random. I’m saving her, because finding her is almost impossible: it was published in a very limited edition — only a thousand copies”.

“It is an incomparable pleasure”: Alice Grebenshchikova — on favorite books

“The gospel according to Jesus Christ” by Jose Saramago

In 1991 he published a book by the Portuguese writer josé Saramago “the gospel according to Jesus Christ”, translated into Russian language appeared only seven years later. The book made a lot of noise: author, reconsidered the biography of Jesus and portray him as an ordinary man who received the Nobel prize for literature, and the Vatican and many believers fell upon him with criticism and accusations of heresy. The author is positioning the product as art, and in any case not a religious one.

“The gospel from Jesus” is one of my favorite books Vladimir Pankov, artistic Director of the Center of dramaturgy and directing. Most of all he likes unexpected view of details of the biblical stories. For example, the behavior of Joseph after the appearance of his angel, called to save Jesus from the wrath of king Herod who ordered to kill all the baby boys in Nazareth.

“Here looks like this episode the author of the book: after the appearance of the angel to Joseph ran through the whole city, but didn’t knock in any door to warn others and try to save at least one child.”

Saramago, Bulgakov, Gogol favorite books Vladimir Pankov

“Tiny” Narine Abgaryan

“Tiny” is a good book about children’s pranks, which was written by a modern writer Narine Abgaryan’s memories of their childhood. The child called her best friend Abgaryan went to school in a provincial Armenian town and put into practice the most daring ideas. The girls had a good time, as she could inadvertently burn column in the bathroom, then suddenly decide to change the appearance of Tiny (with injuries of the nose). Bullying was not the end.

The first texts about his childhood Abgaryan published in the blog, then it was noticed by the publishers and offered cooperation. In 2010, the novel was in the long list of “Big books.”

“Tiny” is a great book with which to spend not at home one night, says the actress of Theatre of a name of Mayakovsky Polina Lazareva. And no matter child or adult you. The actress while reading laughed heartily.

“My mother is half Armenian, and I have an idea of what kind of culture, there is a sense of humor and what life in this country. Abgaryan very accurately described all of this color with such love for his family, people”.

From Alexander Pushkin to Narine Abgaryan: read Polina Lazareva

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