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Source: Russia – Prosecutor Generals Office

At noon, describe the situation in the sphere of housing and communal services of the Oryol region, including the collection of funds for the regional program of capital repair of housing and revealed by bodies of Prosecutor’s office of violations of legislation on housing and communal services.About why you left without parental care children for months, unable to leave the hospitals, why are inactive bodies of guardianship and guardianship and what are the measures taken by the prosecuting authority, will be discussed under the heading “0 “.About the most interesting civil and administrative cases decided by the Supreme court of the Russian Federation with the participation of prosecutors and the results of such work inform in category “Logic of the law.”

The program “Live” on Monday 23 March 2020:

· “Subject of law”. From the history of the Prosecutor of the Kemerovo region, the Kurgan region, the Saratov region and the city of Sevastopol.· “You’re live”. Utilities under control. On the work of the Prosecutor of the Oryol region on supervision in the sphere of housing.· “Clean environment”. Bryansk oblast. The three elements under supervision.· “Peace and order”. Wanted. Arrest. Confiscation. International practice.· “Crime trend”. One-day firms: crime with a human face.· “0 “. Sick toddlers.· “The logic of the law.” Supreme justice: public prosecutors in the Supreme Court.This and other news can be found on the information and communication service of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation “ETHER” at:


EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation from Russian Language to English.

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