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Source: Channel Islands – Jersey

Good afternoon.

Today we are pleased to announce the framework of the Coronavirus Payroll Co-funding Scheme.

The scheme will provide 6 weeks of co-funded payroll support between sector-specific employers and the Government of Jersey via the Social Security Department.

This scheme will help to keep people employed.

If we don’t help businesses to help people, we will weaken some of our most critical economic infrastructure.

And this infrastructure needs to be intact when the Island recovers.

We want – and ask – businesses to support their employees, as we are supporting them, in these challenging times.

The Government will retrospectively pay employers a subsidy of up to £200 per employee, per week.

In the initial phase this subsidy will be available to our most vulnerable industries who are bearing the brunt of the impact.

The industries include hospitality, retail, wholesale, fisheries and agriculture. We will review the impact across sectors and any new sectors as soon as possible.

This scheme will come into effect for those in employment today and until the end of March, with the first payments due at the beginning of April. Further payments will be made at the beginning of May.

At the end of April, a sustainable, structured solution will be introduced with the aim of providing long-term support and security for Island businesses, and their employees, during the lifespan of this pandemic.

Support for business is support for people, protecting jobs, lives and protecting livelihoods.

Finally, my advice to Islanders is to exercise good common sense, to follow the very best health advice and within these strict guidelines continue to support your local economy as much as you can.

Thank you.

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