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Source: BMW Group ladies and gentlemen, also from my side: Good Morning!

In these times, it needs to Act responsibly in society. Because We all find ourselves in an unusual Situation. And we are all personally affected. Experts in medicine and science clearly tell you what to do to stop the spread of the Corona slow down the pandemic and to curb. The next few weeks are quite crucial. Many countries have taken drastic measures, and we support them.

As a company, we have been in this Situation, various tasks:to protect Our employees and their families in the best way possible.To support our society in the fight against the Virus.But at the same time, our operational ability to keep us on time, “according to Corona,” prepare.

To this end, we have taken far-reaching decisions for our daily business. For many people, these days, to the Essential – to your health and care. Many dealers in Europe have already been closed temporarily. Because, like many goods, the demand for car will decrease mobile significantly.

The production of the predicted sales development. Our production volume, we adapt flexibly to the demand.

As of today, we continue our European car plants and the Rosslyn plant in South Africa down. The interruption in production is expected to be up to 19. April scheduled.

In the case of the BMW Group, we have a highly flexible and effective working time of the instruments – both in the direct area, that is to say in the production, as well as indirect areas such as administrative. This is a benefit to us now.

We will ensure our ability to work in the company. At the same time, we want to reduce the risk of infection for our employees. To this end, we have set up a comprehensive package of measures in force. Employees can work from home, if this is possible and useful. I would like to thank the social partners, that we have found in a proven BMW culture solutions. I thank all of the employees that you will help us to get through this Situation together. I thank, specifically, purchasing and logistics, as well as to our partners for their flexibility. And of course I thank our team of Corona.

The BMW Group can deal with difficult situations. We have already proved this many times:In the oil crisis of the early ‘ 70s, we opened the plant in Dingolfing. 2021 is now running of our new technology iNEXT from the Band.In the global economic and financial crisis of 2008/2009, we have written in the black, and the first all-round sustainable production electric vehicle on the way. Today, the BMW i3 is one of the most sold E-cars in the world.

Also in the current Situation, we are still cautiously confident. There is a time during Corona. And there will be a time after Corona.

That is why we have decided to give you a preview of what we intend to do everything. The current Situation requires a strong community power. We are strong and we fight together.

So much in advance from my side.

Nicolas Peter explained to them the Figures for the financial year 2019 as well as our forecast for the current year, 2020, which we have adjusted in the short term, to the current Situation.

Part II, speech by Oliver ZipseStärke flexibility

Ladies and gentlemen,

as already mentioned: The issue of Corona dominates at the moment in all areas of our lives. Nevertheless, we must also think ahead to the time after that.

The BMW Group is a company that thinks long term and acts responsibly. I am convinced that Our business model will be strengthened by the far-reaching technological change and the social changes yet. Why?Because we implement the wishes of our customers intelligently and you open up new possibilities.Because we give innovations the technological progress, a face, and so also our society is changing.And because we are in what we do, to be effective.

In spite of Corona, it remains our clear ambition:We want to be the winner of the Transformation!Profitability is and remains the prerequisite to take advantage of the opportunities of the future. And that’s what we want! By 2025 we will invest more than 30 billion euros in research and development. This shows our Confidence to drive the Transformation during and after the Corona pandemic and to offer solutions.

Seven months ago, I took over the presidency of the Board of Directors. Since then, I have conducted numerous interviews: with employees, industry colleagues, investors, journalists, and representatives of the policy.

Many are unsure as to what relates to the perspective of our industry. And, in fact, the challenges are immense:For one, because each has a significant Dimension.On the other, because different requirements must be met.

To be successful today does not mean only to master the individual technologies and excellent. The additional requirement in addition, for long-term success at the top level, is Not to be singular on the road. But to meet a number of complexities under constantly changing conditions at the same time. This is the Central Management challenge of the 21st century. Century.

An example of our further developed strategy of work. Our environment is characterized by stable Trends:The predicted growth of the global premium segment by 2030.The acceleration of E-mobility.Historically significant drivers for vehicle ownership, such as household size, income, and place of residence.

On the other hand, there are unknown developments, we need to respond quickly: trade conflicts, Brexit and the massive impact of the Coronavirus‘.

Strategy work needs to be done for us continuously. The Board of management, we have aligned the BMW Group’s strategy in the relevant fields of the future and the core elements are re-adjusted. We have defined for ourselves a clear attitude:What is the BMW Group? We are entrepreneurial, ecological and social challenges. We take our responsibility for the mobility of today and tomorrow through compelling offers and a sustainable economy. And this applies to all the sizes, we can design and influence.

We have also defined: How do we achieve this? Our values – supplemented by the claim, the maximum performance – remain the Foundation of our. You are correct and fit to our company culture. In the case of the BMW Group, we go our own way. We make things as we think it is true – on the basis of own analyses and conclusions. And we take the challenges very early on – without you announce in advance a long time. Instead of talk!

What are the big issues in our industry are – and what the BMW Group is different from others?

How can you assert yourself in a highly competitive automotive market?

Our vehicles are as popular as ever. In 2019 we will have achieved at the Group level, the ninth sales record in a row – and best values with our brands BMW, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad.

How to meet the tough CO2 targets?In the case of electrification, we are one of the world’s leading manufacturers. In 2019, we are more than 146,000 E-vehicles and Plug have been shipped-in Hybrids. We already have over half a Million on the road. Now, other attractive novelties to follow. A few days ago, the MINI Cooper SE is not available. Over 8,000 orders in front of us. Most of the customer are not so far gone MINI. The shows: MINI Electric hits the nerve of time and is ideal for the urban space.

How is the Coexistence of powertrain technologies efficiently and intelligently?We have installed a modular, scalable and intelligent architectures in our plants. Therefore, we can scale according to demand quickly and flexibly. Currently, we finished in eleven works of electrified vehicles. The customer always gets a fully-fledged BMW or MINI, regardless of which drive was installed. He gets all the typical BMW characteristics in the best overall package.

How to control the number of staff in the Transformation?

We keep the number of our employees to be stable. We do not qualify continuously for new tasks. Alone, in 2019, we spent around 370 million Euro for education and training. That’s the equivalent of the Budget of high-class football clubs. Ilka Horst Meier is able to address the issue. Every third employee was for E-mobility to be qualified: a total of more than 46,000. We have the highest value added, as, we manufacture electric motors and high-voltage memory in-house.In the Dingolfing plant in Bavaria, we build the production vonE of the drive components solid. In the medium term, 2,000 employees will work there. In our trade organization of over 100,000 employees were trained mobility.

Where to get IT talent and Software Know-howher?

Alone, 7,200 employees are in the areas of IT and Software. So BMW in Germany is one of the largest IT employers. In the group in addition, 5,300 employees in Data Analytics have been trained. In 2018 we will have established the Joint Venture Critical tech works in Portugal, with over 600 employees. In this Start-up digital Services, sales and Aftersales to create platforms.

How to get the long-term profitability?We have set up 2017 Performance NEXT. By the end of 2022, we will have at least realized twelve billion euros in efficiency potential. In addition, the BMW Group has the best long-term ratings of all car manufacturers in Europe.

How can you compensate for regional fluctuations and efficiently to stay?Our production network consists of 31 locations in 15 countries and is highly flexible. We are close to the customer and can in the short term, potential for growth in the markets. This also includes our plant in Mexico has been working since the summer of 2019. The preparations for the new plant in Hungary.

How to get battery cells and how you can secure the necessary raw materials for E-mobility?We have long-term supply contracts with CATL and Samsung SDI. The important raw materials of cobalt and Lithium, we buy from this year itself and our suppliers. And we make sure that environmental rights and human rights are respected in our supply chain. We have a dedicated centre of excellence for battery cells in Munich. There, we combine our Knowledge of the chemistry, Mechanics and physics of the battery cell. By 2030 we plan to double the reach of our battery cells, compared to the current BMW i3.

In a nutshell: whining Instead and to announce, we will present solutions. We know what we do and why we do it.

The crucial ability to secure the future is, from my point of view:Who is in the location, the highly complex and digitally networked product automobile in terms of customers and the requirements of the society to develop?

We call the system integration. The car is the most complex technical system that you can buy as a customer today. Unlike products of Consumer Electronics a car has to be 10 to 20 years, safely and reliably. There is nothing comparable, in such a technically complex and safety-relevant Interaction in the Hand of – in quotation marks – lay works. The “sheet bend” of today is the merge of Hardware and Software into a coherent overall result.

To this end, we integrate market requirements, Regulatory requirements, customer requirements and technologies. We industrialize and scale them. What’s included?

The Depth Of Value Chains.Close integration of development and industrialization.Global Delivery Capability.Individualized products, thousands of times a day produces.A strong regional Footprint.A deep understanding of the customers and the technological and social developments in 150 countries.

All of these skills smoothly and the point of attack exactly into each other. And the complexity will continue to rise. The Transformation in the automotive industry is in the simultaneity of the growing requirements. We have the Expertise and experience to manage this complexity. We feel as a decisive competitive advantage.

All of this is done with the customer in mind. The automobile allows you to be individually. It privacy it creates, like no other mode of transport. The requirements of the customers to their mobility, to distinguish more and more – according to world regions, countries, cities, and rural areas. The One-world-car is history. Different drive modes will exist in the long run, side by side. We are convinced of this. It is our task to provide appropriate services. The customer will always decide for themselves what is best for his needs is the best choice. Of course, on the Basis of political regulations. We do not convince the customers and patronize you. The Power of Choice.

With the new CO2-goals, the legislature requires, in the EU, quasi that the demand increase by 2030 to approximately 40 percent. The more it is important that the customer should have the choice.An example of the popular BMW X3 is. Starting this year, he is in a four-drive variants available: as a more efficient gasoline and Diesel, as a Plug-in Hybrid and pure electric drive as the iX3. The iX3 we manufacture in China and export it from there. Future model, we will offer a series with different drives. And I can tell you today: our flagship, the BMW 7 series is. The next-Generation 7-series comes in four different drive variants: petrol, Diesel, Plug-in Hybrid, fully electric. All forms of propulsion on a common architecture, And also the Top Version of the 7 series, therefore, will have an electric drive.

Today, the concept vehicle of the BMW i4 is on the stage. The competition can be rough. That was the Tenor in the media and social networks after its world premiere two weeks ago. And we are very happy, of course. I affirm today, once again, The Design is very close to the production model, which we will launch in the next year on the market. We place E-mobility in the heart of the core brand BMW. The i4 istE-mobility without compromise: Up to 600 km range, according to the WLTP. Up to 530 HP. A real BMW. Is the i4 in our main factory in Munich. There, the fully electric i4 and the conventionally powered BMW 4 series Gran Coupé from the same tape. That is to say, on the same structures, in press, body, paint and Assembly.

With this vehicle, we have to prove: You can divide our industry into an electric and a combustion area. Both one of them. Is driven the i4 of the fifth Generation of our electric powertrain that was developed by us from scratch. Through the construction of E way-engine, we can without rare earths.

And the i4 is only a taste of what we have in the Pipeline.

In 2021, the iNEXT, we build in Dingolfing comes. He is the next big milestone – fully-electrically and at the same time enables for highly automated Driving with Level 3 functions for motorways. BMW already has 14 million connected vehicles on the road. This brings even more security. Already with our active Level 2 systems has reduced the number of accidents by 35 percent. Reliable systems and the Benefits for the customer are our priority. We do not deviate.

You know our Roadmap: 2021 to a quarter of our new car fleet in Europe is electrified to be

A new study by McKinsey called Europe a “Hotspot of E-mobility”. 2019 Europe had increased the share of the world market on about a quarter. BMW is leading in Germany, the market for electrified vehicles with a share of 21 percent. The average share of battery electric vehicles and Plug-in hybrids in the EU-28 plus Norway was in 2019, in the case of about three percent. In the case of the BMW Group, he was more than twice as high. In total, we have delivered until the end of 2019, worldwide, more than 330,000 Plug-in Hybrids. Now, more news to come for BMW to do this: X1, X2, and 3 series Touring to the 3 series sedan.

Plug-in Hybrids help the environment. You are already making your contribution to reduce CO2 emissions, fossil energy savings carrier and to improve the air quality in our cities. And they are a key enabler for the policy goal of CO2-neutral mobility in 2050.

We support our customers in the proper use.

Since 12. March, the BMW eDrive Zones are in the first six countries. In the course of the year more cities and countries added. Our new Plug-in Hybrid automatically switch at the entrance to an environmental zone or downtown on electric driving. So we maximize the electric and thus local emission-free driving share urban – precisely where it has the greatest effect. The Software can also be retroactively plays over the air up. For a Start, we have programmed approximately 80 cities. All of the major cities with environmental zones in Germany are below as well as cities in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria and Switzerland. And we’re happy to accommodate additional cities. This is our offer to the mayor.

E-mobility to submit. Nevertheless, the verb remains the favorite for many people in many regions of the best drive for your needs. Anything else would not correspond to the facts. Therefore it makes very much sense that we can increase the efficiency of our combustion engines. These effects are much attention to a little, even though they act quickly and noticeably. In other words: those Who don’t invest here continue to accept the Status-quo and is not in the interests of climate protection. Since 2007, we have a set of Efficient Dynamics in the fleet.

And I can assure you: Efficient Dynamics continues! Take the new BMW 1-series: We have reduced the CO2 emissions depending on the variant, up to 15 percent compared to the predecessor. This shows that We are making significant progress in all segments and for all drives the climate. This is how we live responsibility.

Now we increase the electrification of an additional component:In the case of our Burners, we roll out our Mild-Hybrid systems with 48 volts consistently. We start with targeted the highest-volume engine variants.This brings up to 0.4 litres per 100 km, or up to 9 grams less of CO2 per km in the NEDC Corr. depending on the vehicle and motorization.All of these measures show that We take climate protection seriously. We set all levers at the same time and effective in motion. We want to meet the CO2 targets in Europe 2020 and 2021. Greatly simplified, we want to achieve the CO2 target in 2020: a third of conventional vehicle measures, and two-thirds on the ramp-up of E-mobility.

Climate protection is most effective when he announced, but will be implemented – and fast. And if the customer wants it and the technologies it uses. Our understanding of responsibility includes the entire value-added chain. This is not new for us. As well as all of the sustainability goals we have set for ourselves in 2012, for the year 2020, we have already achieved. Four examples:In the year 2019, we have reduced the production-related CO2-emissions compared to the previous year by 25 percent. We are out of here.For each new Plug-in Hybrid, we let the “footprint” certification from raw material procurement, supply chain, production and use phase to Recycling. And we show that the overall balance is right.Our water consumption per vehicle produced is a Benchmark in the industry environment.By the end of this year the electricity for all locations worldwide, we are referring to externally comes from renewable sources.

The objectives of the Paris climate agreement are binding.

On the Board we are discussing the next steps. You can expect from us the highest performance. In terms of content and in terms of transparency. We concentrate on what we decide as a Board today and what you can measure. And not what may need to – or not – the responsibility of our successors. That would be too easy. We do not push responsibility on to future generations. We act today.

In this direction we think that We will enter in the upstream supply chain, and our procurement processes under the aspect of sustainability is precisely under the microscope. It is also clear that we continue to work together in partnership and fair with our suppliers.

For our sustainability strategy, which also applies to our IT-strategy is: Both are firmly anchored in the corporate strategy. Thus, sustainable Action, and IT will be incorporated automatically in all areas of the company. The BMW Group is a digital company. We rely on a deep into the company integrated IT organization. They are identified at an early stage and, together with the departments of the needs and offers flexible solutions. We enable all our employees – from line workers up to the Executive Board in the position to make data-driven decisions in the interests of our customers and the company. Four Examples:

1. Shopping: With the Blockchain technology, we share data with our suppliers, tamper-proof. So we can track components in the n-tier Supply Chain at the touch of a button back. The technology we roll out to other suppliers.

2. Financial Services: Through digitized processes should be able to pass through to our customers in Financial Services, the entire financing process online as well. In Germany, the goes today – from the selection of the appropriate Finance product, up to the time of contract execution.3. Artificial intelligence: the Case of the production of a vehicle, substantial quantities of generated data. By using AI, and smarter analysis of data, we can manage production processes in an intelligent and analyse. In the vehicle Assembly, we use AI for automated image recognition method. Images of components to be adjusted in milliseconds and in real time, deviations from the Norm are determined.

4. Digitization in the car: Updates “over the air” to ensure that a vehicle is regularly brought up to date. Thus, the functionality of the vehicle can improve and even expand. Already today, we can retrofit the high beam assistant “digital”. Starting in July, Android car comes with BMW in addition to Apple Car Play. The Ads are integrated on the Control Display and in adapted Form in the Info and Head-Up Display.

Services enrich our mobility. Since 2019, there is our Mobility Power House YOUR NOW. Together with the Daimler group, we want to take in this highly dynamic market, a relevant role. In order to realize maximum synergies were established among the YOUR NOW Holding three Business Units. Through this consolidation, we will promote the further Development of sustainable mobility in urban. We are convinced of the potential of YOUR NOW.

That’s why we invest in the Expansion of our product and Service offering in the area of mobility services. YOUR NOW Services are now offered in more than 1,300 cities. 90 million customers use them. In the future, THE cities are the focus, the promise of long-term profitable growth. YOUR NOW is continue to be open for partners and investors, the business continues to successfully expand.

Ladies and gentlemen,

in the case of the BMW Group, we put the customer at the centre of our activities. Almost all of the series have been renewed in the last two years. This year, the BMW 2 series Gran coupe, high-return, BMW M models, more Plug-in Hybrids and E-models. For each and every customer is catered for. And we engage the competition in all segments.

Initially, however, it is important to me that we can overcome as a society, the Corona pandemic, and then again in the normal life back.

I wish you and your families, stay healthy.

Thank You Very Much.


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