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Source: the President of Latvia, in Latvian

17. in march the State minister Egils Levits private aizdedza a candle at the monument of Freedom, thus supporting the role of civil society activists established the tradition of this day to remember and pay homage to the national resistance movement of the participants ‘ memory.The president of the state Egils Levits has called on the Parliament to this day, the 17. from – to, all of the national resistance movement memorial day ‘ as a national resistance movement was diverse, daudzskaitlīga, and a perennial on this day, we commemorate and celebrate the achievements of all those whose ideal was the independent and democratic Latvia, which was directed against both nazi Germany and the SOVIET – occupation authorities. I, therefore, urge each and every year for 17. the march to honor and remember all of our national resistance to the motion of the participants. Remembering and hero worshiping today, it is necessary for us to be aware of, is that of a free, independent and democratic Latvia is the value of what is given in life, as well as to be aware of your obligation to the value of preserve, and defend it in the future.”The chosen date is symbolic – on this day in 1944. in the year of the professor of Constantine the Shrike led by the Latvian Central council, was completed nearly 200 of the collection of signatures to the memorandum, the Latvian people on behalf of the demanded Constitution-based democracy of the Latvian independence restoration. On this day in 1949. in the final battle against the pārspēku been won by a joint Latvian and Lithuanian partisan group, Īles in the forests.The country’s president, Egila Levitt rosinājuma letter to the Parliament to determine the 17. march of the National resistance memorial in the days and of the 15. in October, as the National language of the day.The country’s president, Egila Levita invitation to the public to remember and pay homage to the national resistance movement of the participants ‘ memory, as well as a reminder to people to behave responsibly towards the situation in the country in connection with the koronavīrusa COVID, a 19-limiting the spread of and respect for the government and the responsible national authorities-recommendations[embedded content]photo gallery


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