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Source: the President of Latvia, in Latvian

The president of the state, Egils Levits, today made contact with the Estonian president Kersti Kaljulaidu (Kersti Kaljulaid), and in Lithuania the president of the Gitanu Nausēdu (Gitanas Nausėda), in order to discuss the current situation in the Baltic countries, together with the precautions to koronavīrusa COVID-19, the prevalence of infection.The baltic countries, the presidents confirmed mutual of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, the countries along the road transport corridor in ensuring that the people, through Poland, which has agreed to return to the Baltic states.E. Levitt, K., Kaljulaida, G. Nausēda also expressed a common belief that the European Union’s (EU’s) common policies must be designed, as far as possible, ensure that all of the necessary free movement of goods within the EU.E. Levitt spoke to the C. Kaljulaidu of Valka and Valga of the population of the internal mobility between the two cities, taking into account the local specificities. Estonia’s president has confirmed that this is a question that is appropriate needs to be resolved, and its resolution will be associated in the government of Estonia.


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