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Source: British House Of Lords News

12 March 2020
The House of Lords International Relations and Defence Committee will this week take evidence on the key peace and security challenges facing Sub-Saharan Africa, and on the role of trade and the private sector in building prosperity.

Wednesday 18 March in Committee Room 4, Palace of Westminster
At 10.40am
Lord Boateng
At 11.40am
Dr Andrew Tchie, Senior Research Fellow and Obasanjo Fellow, Royal United Services Institute
Paul Melly, Consulting Fellow, Africa Programme, Chatham House
Possible questions
What are the key challenges to peace and security in the region?
How important an actor is the African Union in addressing key peace and security challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa, in particular in the Sahel and East Africa?
How do peace and security challenges affect the economic development of countries in East Africa and the Sahel?
How could the UK improve its trade relationships in Sub-Saharan Africa?
What role should the private sector play in Sub-Saharan Africa’s efforts to reduce poverty?
Should the Government focus its attention in Sub-Saharan Africa on countries with which the UK has a strong existing and historic relationship?
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