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Source: European Parliament

At the last ECOFIN meeting on 18 February 2020, European Finance Ministers discussed the issue of tax havens. In addition to the 8 jurisdictions that were already listed, the ministers decided to include another four countries in the list of non-cooperative jurisdictions; however, this time, too, Turkey is not included.

Turkey has failed to execute automatic transfers of tax information with all EU Member States; moreover, in addition to Cyprus, Turkey does not exchange any type of tax data with Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria, the European countries with the largest Turkish communities in the continent.

These breaches have been unresolved for years, and the deadline to remedy these irregularities was last December.

In view of the above, can the Council:

1. explain why, even though it did not comply with the December deadline, Turkey has obtained a further year within which to comply and to start sharing its data with all Member States;

2. state its reasons for such a political choice, which could be seen as a sign of weakness of the EU?

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