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Study the plans of the Moscow museums and galleries in March.

The Museum prepares for the opening of the exhibition devoted to dreams and dreaming, the Museum-estate “Kuskovo” will show the interiors of old houses, a “Multimedia art Museum” — four new exhibitions. The most interesting exhibitions March — in a joint material and the Agency “Moscow”.

“Women. Ladies. Girls” at the Museum of Russian folk and naive art

Address: Maliy Golovin pereulok, Dom 10

Dates: March 3 — April 26

The spring series of exhibitions at the Museum of Russian folk and naive art opens a cycle of works Evgeny Rodionov, Vologda architect by training and artist by vocation. His style Rodionovskaya painting — a cross between a miniature folk painting and comics. “Women, ladies, girls” — a cycle of works dedicated to, you guessed it, women. Colorful painting of the artist’s ironic and kindly tell about women’s share, which combines joy and sorrow, but first, of course, wins. Whatever you do heroine of his paintings was sad at the dance, where the “ten girls on statistics nine guys,” laughing with friends or working, they are full of love.

Tickets — from 150 rubles.

Era “moment in the mirror” at the Museum-estate “Kuskovo”

The address: street Youth, building 2

Date: opening March 4

Exhibition tells about the role of mirrors in the Palace and manor interiors of the XVIII–XIX centuries. Using mirrors back then, like today, visually expand the space, increase the light level of the rooms, as well as “increased luxury.”

The exhibition consists of several different style and purpose of the manor interior, typical for its time. The main characters here antique mirrors from the collections of the Museum-estate “Kuskovo” and “Ostankino”, the State historical Museum and State Museum of A. S. Pushkin.

Tickets — from 200 rubles.

“Light. Form. Color” in the gallery “Nagornaya”

Address: ulitsa Remizova, 10

Dates: March 5 — March 22

Exhibition “Light. Form. Color” — dedication to the art critic and photographer Ivan Porto, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of his birth. Porto, art historian by education first, took up photography in the 1960s. Since the late 1980s, before leaving in 2009, he collaborated with the photography club at the exhibition hall “Experiment” (Rostov-on-don). Together with the leadership of the “Experiment” Porto have raised a generation of photographers.

In addition to pictures, created by Porto, and films about his life and work, the exhibition will feature the works of participants of the experimental creative workshop of the Volga branch of the Russian Academy of arts, and the Creative Union of artists of Russia.

Tickets — from 50 rubles.

“Master and apprentice” at the Museum “Sadovoe Koltso”

Address: Prospekt Mira, Dom 14, stroenie 10

Dates: March 6 — March 22

“School of watercolor Andriaka” has been around for over 20 years. During this time, the technique of multilayer watercolor in which Andriyaka, adopted many young artists. A series of traveling exhibitions “Master and student” — a long-standing project of the school, introducing the works of its teachers and students.

The exhibition in the Museum “Sadovoe Koltso” presents more than 50 watercolors dedicated to the Russian nature, architecture and travel.

Tickets are free of charge.

“In the realm of Morpheus” in the State Darwin Museum

Address: Vavilov street, house 57

Dates: March 7 — may 17

Why flamingos sleep standing on one leg? Dreams whether the dreams parrot? The bear is sleeping why so long? Why the dog turns on the spot before bed? What if a long time to go to bed? The subtleties of sleep and dreams is dedicated a new exhibition of the state Darwin Museum. “Who she sleeps” promises to be the most interesting — it will acquaint you with funny, weird and touching habits of birds, fish and mammals.

Tickets — from 150 rubles.

“Mosaic collection. Islands” in the gallery “Belyaevo”

Address: Profsoyuznaya street, building 100

Dates: March 7 — March 29

At the new exhibition in the gallery Belyaevo presents the work of contemporary artists mosaicists. Among them are works of Felix Buch with fantastic and biblical motifs, inspired by the Khakass epic paintings of Sergey Karlov, cityscapes Anton Strizhenko. The takes part in the exhibition and Alexander Kornoukhov, one of the most well known modern mosaic artists. On account of his mosaic in the Zion Cathedral in Tbilisi, the chapel of “mother of the Redeemer,” the papal Palace of the Vatican, the Church of the assumption in Uspensky Vrazhek in Moscow.

Tickets — from 50 rubles.

“March 9,” the gallery workshop “GROUND Pot”

Address: ulitsa Solyanka, 1/2 house, building 2

Dates: March 9 — April 9

More than 80 young artists and jewelers from different countries present in the gallery-Studio “GROUND Pot” their work on gender stereotypes. Their works, created at the intersection of fashion and contemporary art, also will force to abandon the stereotypical view of jewelry. After all, earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces can not only be beautiful but also to comment on today’s reality.

Tickets — 300 rubles.

The “left” in the gallery “Izmailovo”

Address: Izmaylovskiy proezd, 4

Dates: March 12 — April 22

The theme exhibition contemporary artist Aigerim Syzdykova — a point that precedes spiritual enlightenment. She calls this state of “abandonment” — the point at which the person leaves even his Creator. The hero of her paintings — man felt himself a part of nature, a tiny grain of sand among the huge world. At this point, he probably feels despair, but it definitely comes enlightenment. The materials the artist chooses for their work, is also a reminder of the spirituality. Syzdykova likes to work with natural pigments, which are often used by painters.

Tickets — from 50 rubles.

Alexander Slyusarev. “Geometry of light” in the “Multimedia art Museum”

The address: street Ostozhenka, 16

Dates: March 6 — March 29

On the exhibition presented by Alexander slyusareva, photographer “shadows, highlights and reflections”, which became one of the most remarkable photographic artists of the Russian unofficial art.

In the 14 years he first picked up a camera. In his works Slyusarev took out the idea and plot behind the picture frame, leaving only the object, form whom he considered to be self-sufficient. He even redefined the genre of landscape, create your own flat landscape with no prospects, where one saw a pure formalism, others meditation and unusual philosophy.

Ticket — 500 rubles (entrance to Museum).

Igor Mukhin. “Our 1990s. time for a change” in the “Multimedia art Museum”

The address: street Ostozhenka, 16

Dates: March 6 — April 17

In exposure includes works created in 1990-e years, one of the great masters of contemporary Russian photography by Igor Mukhin. The beginning of his work in the mid 1980-ies, at the time of the first breakthroughs of underground Soviet art, and developed at the crossroads of epochs — between ideological and market order.

Mukhin never wrote a chronicle, or a chronicle, not chasing hot news. His main character has always been a city and people in it — plastic, facial expressions, emotion. Politics gets in his lens, only to merge with everyday life. So the photos Mukhina reflected the August 1991 coup, which became a feature between the USSR and the new Russian reality, which turned out to be young people.

Ticket — 500 rubles (entrance to Museum).

Andrey Gordasevich. “Frozen form” in the “Multimedia art Museum”

The address: street Ostozhenka, 16

Dates: March 6 — April 19

Andrey Gordasevich is the contemporary Russian photographer working in the genres of documentary and street photography. He shot only on black and white film, however, over the last eight years have made a few color projects. One of them can be seen in “Multimedia art Museum”.

In the project “Frozen form” the photographer has United art and science. Capturing exhibits of the Zoological Museum of Moscow state University, he had edited the images by removing all unnecessary — reflection, test tube, external environment. The exhibits, once living beings, appear in mournful grandeur in the form in which they plunged to their death.

Ticket — 500 rubles (entrance to Museum).

Vladimir Mishukov. “Neon dreams” in the “Multimedia art Museum”

The address: street Ostozhenka, 16

Dates: March 6 — March 29

The name of Vladimir Mishukov known to many fans of photography. The project “the cult of the family”, “people”, the album for the film of Andrei Zvyagintsev’s “the Return” only a few pages of his long career.

Over the years he won many awards. For the first time his project “Neon dreams” the photographer introduced in 2003, when it won him the Grand Prix of the contest “Silver camera”.

In exposure in the “Multimedia art Museum” included photographs telling the stories of people born in the era of perestroika, when the Soviet system of coordinates came new ideals and dreams.

Ticket — 500 rubles (entrance to Museum).

“The image of the medieval woman. From the history of the Russian city of XI–XVII centuries” at the Museum-reserve “Kolomenskoye”

Address: Andropova Avenue, 39, building structure 69

Dates: March 31 — July 5

In Russia women have had a tremendous informal power — created family units have contributed to successful career men and by manipulating information and rumors, stood at the head of the public opinion. On the role of women in society, and also about the culture and fashion of the middle Ages tells the exhibition “the Image of the medieval woman. From the history of the Russian city of XI–XVII centuries” in Kolomenskoye.

The exhibition displays archaeological finds: tiles, rare documents and birch bark written by women. Only in “Kolomna” will feature more than 1,200 exhibits from the collections of the Novgorod state United and the Moscow state integrated Museum-reserve. The exhibition will introduce not only the position of medieval women, but will talk about religion, rules of parenting and history of the cities of XI–XVII centuries.

Ticket — 200 rubles.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure will not be perfect.

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