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Source: European Parliament

The Salonit Anhovo cement works is located in Salona d’Isonzo, near Gorizia but in Slovenia.

Information readily available suggests that hazardous waste is being incinerated in the cement work’s kilns.

The Slovenian Medical Association has already called for a more responsible attitude to be taken towards environmental issues, raising the matter with the Slovenian Ministry for the Environmental and the Slovenian Environment Agency and highlighting studies which have confirmed the link between the incineration of waste and the increased prevalence of tumours and other diseases. In addition, measurements to determine levels of hazardous substances contained in waste are not carried out by state bodies, but rather by expperts chosen and paid by the companies which commission the checks, a clear conflict of interests. In the area affected, which is partly in Slovenia and partly in Italy, the risks to the environment and public health are serious.

Can the Commission answer the following questions:

Is it aware of the existence of the cement works and the fact that it operates in a cross-border area?

Have data been released on the environmental impact of the plant and its impact on neighbouring areas?

What steps will it take to determine the accuracy of the reports which have emerged and protect the environment and local people?

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