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Source: Government of New Caledonia

During a morning marathon dedicated to renewable energies, Christopher Gyges, a member of the government in charge of energy, has desired to make it a point to step on the latest projects of solar farms selected by the government. The presentation, held at the international airport of Tontouta, the location of one of two photovoltaic plants.

“We are moving much more quickly than expected “, welcomed the member of the government, by way of introduction, ” the goal of 100 % self-sufficiency in terms of public distribution of electric energy to the year 2030 will be reached as early as 2023 “. A priority for the government, which also wants the front door of the New Caledonia- international airport of Tontouta– to translate the commitment of the territory to participate, alongside nearly 180 countries that are signatories of the Paris Agreement, to the effort to fight global warming and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Showcase of ambitions caledonian

The first project adopted by the government : a large’ombrière of 8 000 m2, consisting of 7 590 solar panels anti-reflective coating directly installed above the public parking of the international airport of Tontouta. A first across the Pacific region, carried out by the agency for Peaceful TOTAL Quadran, with the support close to the Chamber of commerce and industry of New Caledonia (IAC-NC). “This project meets the ambitious objectives of the scheme of energy transition from the government, which is a showcase unique to the door of entrance to the territory” has launched Christopher Gyges. For the side of innovation, Stefan Sontheimer, director of Quadran and the Pacific, has clarified that the panels would be composed of modules handaxes, which capture the solar radiation by the two sides. “We couple the production of clean energy with a service to users, who will receive a vehicle refreshes thanks to the shade produced, as a night light and a protection against the rain,” he also said. On the ground, on a lot unoccupied, will add 17 000 m2 of solar panels. The project finally provides the implementation of two charging stations for electric vehicles, an additional boost to the development of the ecomobility promoted in the framework of the plan Tontouta Mouv’ worn by the ITC (see box below).

Combine energy production and composting of green waste

The second project selected by the government and worn by Sunzil : a solar farm connecting to a distribution of composting. “This is 30 000 tons of green waste not recycled, and transported by the Caledonian Public Service (CSPS), which can be transformed into 3 000 tonnes of compost a year,” explained Emmanuel Vincent, director of Sunzil. The innovative nature of this project, located in Nakutakoin, is based on the pooling of two activities, apparently unrelated, who share the costs of land and staff. In the end, two full time jobs created, the gracious disposition of compost among farmers, and a pilot project that will potentially be duplicated in other municipalities. Not to mention that this initiative enables us to consider a decrease of the importation of soil, massive in New Caledonia.

Boost the economy, through the energy transition

The member of government in charge of energy, who also wears the hat of the economic recovery, did not fail to rejoice in the economic weight represented by the two projects : 740 million swiss francs in total injected into the economy, and five full-time jobs created. In conclusion, it has slipped that the government would in the very near future announcements relating to an orientation much more green ways of producing electricity for the mining sector and metallurgy. An activity which represents 75 % of the energy needs of New Caledonia.

The two projects in figures– 6 MWc equally distributed between the solar farms.– An annual production of electrical energy equivalent to the consumption of 8,200 homes from new caledonia.– An overall reduction in CO2 emissions estimated at 8 458 tons per year.

The selection of projects of solar farms in The statement by the department of Industry, Mines and Energy of New Caledonia (Dimenc) requests for installation of solar plants is done in bulk from 2017, in order that the services of the government to be able to choose the best projects in the light of the interests of the territory. Since the implementation of this procedure, 21 projects for a total installed capacity of 104 MWc, have been retained. Different criteria are taken into account : the price of resale of the electricity to the electrical grid, the creation of jobs, the innovative nature of the installation, etc

NETWORKS Tontouta Mov’ : first movement Plan-to-business (NETWORKS), launched in New Caledonia in 2017, the NETWORKS Tontouta Mouv’ for not less than 13 facilities and 800 employees. Its objective : to reduce the use of the individual car at the airport and in the home-work journeys, through the provision of electric bikes, the implementation of shuttles shared, etc

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