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Acquittal for Taner Kilic and the “Istanbul 10” long overdue

The persistent led and politically motivated “process-Marathon” against the group of human rights defenders, “Istanbul 10” in Turkey, as well as against the Amnesty International honorary Chairman Taner Kilic is on 19. February 2020 continued. In addition, the Chairman of the working group on human rights and humanitarian aid of the CDU/CSU group in the Bundestag declared, Michael Brand:

“The use of human rights must no longer be criminalized. As a member of the Council of Europe and signatories to the European Convention on human rights, Turkey must return finally to guarantee the rule of Law and the independence of the judiciary.

At tomorrow’s hearing in the trial against eleven courageous human rights defenders in the Turkish judiciary can provide finally a proof that she is ready to return to the principles of the rule of law. Today’s acquittal in the politically motivated proceedings against activists in Istanbul’s Taksim Gezi Park is an example, in the morning should be followed.

Taner Kilic and the other ten human rights defenders of the “Istanbul 10” with the now usual politically-motivated accusations, such as membership in terrorist organizations face, which had already been before the beginning of the procedure as a pretext exposes, and then in the course of the procedure comprehensively invalidated it.

Of the public Prosecutor’s office, the feeling is obviously politics and not in law, were the convincing facts presented for the discharge of the accused in no way reflected or taken into account.

The Prosecutor’s office in the questionable indictment, from October 2017 collected points are typical accusations for a political show trial, how to manipulate them from the car or dictatorial States. According to the law may, therefore, at the end of the process only, the acquittal.

Political processes damage the reputation of Turkey in a sustainable manner. It is to be hoped that the abuse of the judicial system in Turkey at last to an end.

Already now the Turkish population pays a higher price for the deliberately created legal uncertainty and political pressure in the country. This brings the loss of freedoms, but also a significant decline in foreign investment and a consequent loss of growth and jobs.


The case against Taner Kilic in connection with the process against Peter Steudtner and nine other co-defendants of human rights defenders. At the time of their arrest in July 2017 they took part in a Workshop for human rights defenders in Turkey. In the indictment’s allegations can be punished with up to 15 years in prison.

The Chairman of the working group on human rights and Humanitarian aid of the CDU/CSU group in the Bundestag, Michael Brand MdB, has taken over the sponsorship for Taner Kilic in the sponsorship program of the German Bundestag “protecting parliamentarians parliamentarians”.


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