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Mr President! Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to come to the back and on the tenancy law and the temporary extension of Rent control to speak.

The topic of Housing, we are talking about here, is a topic that is in the reality of life of the people is of Central importance. Woman Högl, you are taken in by it. No matter whether it is the construction of a house, the purchase of a property, the search of a rented apartment: is in the end there is something, what everyone in the course of his life faced. Of course, it is also a fact that in many Parts of our country, especially in the large cities and the Metropolitan areas, it is difficult to find reasonable prices for decent housing for the people.

We know that we have over 1 Million missing homes in Germany. This is not only a Problem for those who are looking for an apartment, but this is also a Problem for social cohesion in our society. Therefore, it is a political challenge for us, we have to meet with a whole bunch of measures: at the level of the Federation, the Länder and the same of the municipalities.

I want to first of all take a look at something we hide too often: that it would unwind part of the rental market, if we would make it, to strengthen the residential property in Germany. In Germany the ownership rate is under 50 percent. If we look at countries like Portugal, like Spain, like Italy or Norway, we find that the ownership rate is 80 percent and higher.

(Stephan Brandner [AfD]: Who ruled for 70 years?)

Therefore, I think, is it right that we, for example, about changes in the building regulations, through the creation of urban areas, through the baukinder money, and through many other measures to try to help at this point, a relaxation on the housing market as a whole.

Since the countries are now coming into the game, when it comes to the building costs, when it comes to the real estate transfer tax, when it comes, for example, the state building codes

When I teach now, the view on the rental market, then you can say, in fact, that we have made in the last weeks and months much. Consider, for example, the tenancy law amendment act from the November 2018, with the changes in the complaint in the context of Rent control or the question of the levy of the modernisation costs to the rent: a lot has happened Since.

(Applause from the Abg. Ulli Nissen [SPD])

I also remember the increase of the housing allowance 1. January of this year to 660 000 people in our country, 180 000, more than before, or to the extension of the observation period, we have made before Christmas. It was a measure exclusively for tenants.

(Applause from deputies of the CDU/CSU and the SPD)

Now it comes to the temporary extension of Rent control. This is also an improvement in the Situation of the tenants. We extend the ability to use the brake on Rent prices for the country by 2025, and create not only a simplified Complaint, but also the period for the recovery of overpaid rent up to 30 months.

I want to say at this point, but to be quite honest, that Rent control is really only a means to an end. We make this regulation in the free market do not like. It is also a matter of fact, high Rents and shortages in the housing market are ultimately done only by Build, Build, Build. We have a few apartments. That’s why the Rents are too high.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU)

Therefore, we must do everything that in Germany is built.

(Cries from the FDP)

The rental price brake will not help us, first of all, but it helps us just to gain time. But this time, it must also be used.

(Interjection of the Abg. Daniel Föst [FDP])

I want to say at this point, therefore, We cannot, of course, extend every five years, the duration of the rental price brake for a further five years.

(Applause from deputies of the CDU/CSU and the FDP – Daniel Föst [FDP]: Why do you do it then?)

– Because it is necessary now. – But this time must be used. We give the countries the opportunity to use this time to build. I want to mention two examples

Ladies and gentlemen, should we need to look back in five years with this theme again, then I would be very to say that Only the countries that make their own contribution, that is being built, the housing market improves, that prices fall, may also draw on regulatory elements, such as the rental price brake. I think that is quite crucial.

(Applause from deputies of the CDU/CSU)

For this, we should create the right conditions. Now, this measure gives us time. We want to use this time.

As a last sentence I would say: We must always balance exactly: Where do we need regulation? Where it helps us to gain time, in order to improve things? And where it goes into over-regulation, which prevents in the Housing market will be invested, and, ultimately, prevents additional apartments can be built? I think we go here the right balance.

Thank You Very Much.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU as well as from members of the SPD)


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