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Mr President! Ladies and gentlemen, “Los Wochos” for vocational education and training goes on. After the exciting Appetizer competition InnoVet -, after the main course, vocational education and training modernisation act, now ACT more as a lush dessert. This is the abbreviation for career advancement training promotion act

So far 2.8 million people have used the possibility of advancement. Over 9 billion euros have been invested in the managers, in the new medium-sized companies, in which trainers of the future. Positive, just in the last few years: A third of them are now women. We were in the penultimate year, an increase of 6.3 percent. Here are the teachers with 23 400 are the largest group, followed by business specialist interior or Balance sheet accountants.

Now we have the fourth amendment, and we want to make it even better. For this purpose, we have taken a total of 350 million euros in the Hand.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU as well as from members of the SPD)

The goal is to open each of the maximum opportunities to achieve equivalence between the different training paths and to support training along the whole life cycle.

I would like to single out three measures as an example. A: The grant share of the maintenance contribution was increased from 50 percent now to a full grant for full-time sponsored. Regardless of income, the child care grant has been increased to 150 euros. This shows our clear commitment to that career and family should not be contradictions, but, nevertheless, possibilities are that belong to each other and, accordingly, are socially supported.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU as well as from members of the SPD)

The second point is: In addition, the loan subsidy, the subsidy is increased in the case of existence, to 50 percent.

Last, but not least: a so-called responsibility, adoption of. In the Moment, where a young man at the end of his training, says: “I take responsibility, and reasons for, or take over a business,” we say as a society: We adopt

Furthermore, dear Jens Brandenburg, were advanced in the parliamentary process quite a few points. We have introduced Monitoring and Evaluation, not because we provide occupational therapy for the Ministry, but because we see the need for evidence-based policy. That is, we look at how the measures interact, and then to control, if at certain Points barriers or hurdles should be present.

Furthermore, we have determined the interest of freedom for 2023 as the target

To go ladies and gentlemen, I think that we have put together a package, which represents a clear commitment to training and which is open to any possibility, this way. I had in my constituency a few weeks ago, the opportunity to be present at examinations of the chamber of crafts in attendance. If you look at the happy faces of the young people – I had the great luck that the first group has completely passed, then you know that If we make a contribution that everyone can go this way, then we have done something very Good.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU as well as from members of the SPD)

If a moves so much Good, then you should say a thank you. I would like to mention the good cooperation with Mrs Bahr and Mr Martin Rabanus, in particular, during the last few weeks, in which we have created by Hand for the finishing touches, and the staff of the BMBF thank

Thank You Very Much.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU as well as from members of the SPD)


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