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Dear Mr. President, Ladies and gentlemen, To the applicants: “Digital first. Concerns second“,

(Applause from deputies of the FDP)

the FDP mission statement was in the last Federal election campaign.

(Dr. Marcel blade [FDP]: Have you noted well!)

And “concerns second” seems to be the specialty discipline of Mr. Lindner and FDP in the last few days have been.

(Laughter and applause of the Abg. Karsten Hilse [AfD] – Dr. Marcel blade [FDP]: Very cheap!)

But basically, I’m with you: There is a lot to a lot of concerns carrying in our country. It is a lot of talk broken, rather than things. But the digitisation – I wish to raise here – is also a border case. Of the “concerns second” has approved the FDP for the next Facebook scandal quickly. Also the discussions about Huawei or the General data protection regulation showing: The real challenges

First of all, to the application of the FDP. I like to pick up on a theme that you have just mentioned, Mrs Skudelny: use of resources and circular economy. Because I know myself well

(Interjection of the Abg. Judith Skudelny [FDP])

Then we would have, in turn, a large bureaucracy monster

(Interjection of the Abg. Judith Skudelny [FDP])

Another example of your request: digitized trash can in the station area.

(Interjection from the SPD: The best with the Blockchain!)

I’ve looked at that part of a flashing apparatus that consumes power and also must be maintained. To be quite honest: I have my doubts as to whether this is really the right way to go.

(Judith Skudelny [FDP]: Yes!)

We should not get bogged down so much in the small-Small. Instead of Pebbles in the eyes, we should clear the really big stumbling blocks out of the way. That would be the way to go.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU – Judith Skudelny [FDP]: to do The one and the other not!)

I want to be an example – of which there are hundreds – from the Maritime appeal: Over 90 percent of world trade, to run on Maritime transport.

(Cries of Abg. Judith Skudelny [FDP])

As Chairman of the working group on the coast of the Union group, I have made me and my colleagues a picture and one of the largest shipping companies in the world visited: the Hapag-Lloyd in Hamburg – a German flagship. The command center there, looks a bit like a space station in Houston. Since giant hanging large animated screens and ship movements to show the world. Severe weather situations, ocean currents – all of which is recorded for the vessels that are on the road. It alternative routes are calculated, in order to save fuel.

A large container giant is with 15 up to 24 000 containers on-the-go,

(Judith Skudelny [FDP]: There are ships that produce wind energy, hydrogen!)

for example, 11 000 nautical miles, from Hamburg to Shanghai. There is the possibility, satellite-based, these ships precisely and without waiting times in the Terminals skating on ice. During such a boat trip hundreds of tons of fuel can be saved, and therefore also the corresponding Equivalent CO2 emissions. The unimaginable quantities. Since you can equip basically the whole of Germany with digital garbage buckets:

(Judith Skudelny [FDP]: As it comes to micro-plastic! This is something other than CO2! These are two different goals!)

You will never realize such potentials for saving resources.

In both applications is that I’ve noticed is that, digitisation will be a power eater: Streaming services, which consume as much electricity as all the private households in Germany, Poland and Italy together. On the other hand, there is a right way, thanks to the digitization, enormous potential savings

To outline the Dimension: We have today in Germany with a power consumption of 600 terawatt-hours, of electricity that comes out of the socket. 40 percent of them, about 250 Terawatt-we win now from renewable sources.

(Dr. Rainer power [AfD]: We pay for it!)

This is a real achievement. Has no one thought possible. But apart from this strong performance, we must look at the total energy demand in Germany. The 600 terawatt-hours, but we currently need 2 500 terawatt hours to refuel cars, to heat and to supply the industry. All we need to cover in the future through renewable energy. This is ten times the amount of electricity we generate currently, renewable in Germany. This would correspond to – I don’t want to argue here – about half a Million wind turbines, we would need to set up in Germany. We currently have 30 000 . This is absolutely unimaginable. If we did, then it would fly here in Germany, hardly a bird. The eagle owl or the red kite, I can look at it, maybe even in the Walsrode bird Park with my children

(Applause of the Abg. Dr. Rainer Power [AfD])

Therefore, we need to import in terms of the future challenges in addition to the Expansion of the Renewable here corresponding current in a very large degree. I speak this so clearly because I was shocked at the last meeting of the Committee was genuine, as it was to say: Now we need to forge with Africa, Australia, or other regions of the world energy partnerships.

(Cries from the ALLIANCE 90/THE GREENS)

You heard of the AfD: no, to Africa we have no money to give.

(Dietmar Friedhoff [AfD]: What for a bullshit is that?)

Dear Ms. Scheer, you said: no, everything we make better here in Germany.

I say to you: you support a energy nationalism that will lead us into a cul-de-SAC. Prior to that, I can only warn. We need in the future in other ways. It is good that at least the FDP and the Green energy want to allow imports. We need, in addition to the Renewable here in the land – it would be good if the Greens recognise the yet – future landing terminals for fuels of the future. Then we will be succeed here for the digitization and a lot of other good things as well.

Thank You Very Much.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU and the Abg. Christian Dürr [FDP])


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