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Dear Mr. President, Ladies and gentlemen, I am glad that we are debating today a bill to the Federal government for Rent control, but also the bills of the Opposition. So we can compare it wonderful how we make policy – level and mid -, targeted – and how the two opposition factions policy.

The two opposition factions continue to turn the screw still a bit, still a bit firm

(Caren Lay [LEFT]: 0 Rpm!)

Most of you know that I’m an engineer. In the construction there is an old wisdom: After the feast comes broken, as comes. – So, how the rental market want to regulate, you might be a short-term effect, but do not tighten so that the Rent, but shears down almost to the screw heads of the Rental loss. In order to ensure the areas long-term for the stronger rising Rents in many German conurbations. It is the opposite of what we wish for all of us but so much happens so precisely.

The rental rates have risen in the last few years, but only so strong because in many Metropolitan areas, the supply of housing so low and the demand is so high areas. The brakes in the short term, by regulatory

(Christian Kühn [Tübingen] [ALLIANCE 90/THE GREENS]: But you have to regulate! As you said yourself also!)

With their excessive regulation, they choke, as we just discussed, for example, in Berlin the housing market,

(Caren Lay [THE LEFT]: That’s not true at all!)

in spite of the exception for newly-built apartments. This is because the housing companies and because the banks by their Fury with the wrench all the confidence in the rental markets to lose. They are subject to obvious the misconception that a rent cover provides a roof over the head.

We engage only there to regulate where the price increase must be targeted, are damped. That’s what we do today, with the rental price brake. The we extend. We will improve brake the Rental price. But the point is: We stay in this regulation are not available. In the second section, we will relieve more specifically, the people that create currently rising Rents make.

President Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble:

Mrs salvation, will you take a question of the colleague, the master of the Left? No Question?

Mechthild Heil (CDU / CSU):

No, we still have a long day ahead of us.

So: In a second step, we relieve more specifically, the people that create currently rising Rents make. That’s why we introduced the housing benefit, and we have introduced an additional Mietstufe to be very expensive housing markets. And we have first introduced an automatic adjustment of the housing allowance to the income and rental price development.

We solve the third Problem in the long term by promoting the construction of affordable housing. I would also like to give some examples: We have, for example, 5 billion Euro for social housing. We don’t have to as the Federal – that is the task of the country, but we do it. I expect now, of course, the countries that you will spend this money for social housing,

(Applause from the Abg. Ulli Nissen [SPD])

for example, for student Housing. And we have introduced for the tax promotion of housing construction, a special depreciation. We have set the baukinder money through, against considerable criticism. Even the critics must now admit that it is very, very successful.

(Christian Kühn [Tübingen] [ALLIANCE 90/THE GREENS]: That’s nonsense! You have got the study yesterday and seen that there are pure deadweight! Read the study yet again!)

Only this triad of regulation, support, and Build a lot helps the bottom line to the people in Germany who are faced with tight housing markets.

Leave the wrench at home! I invite you to work with us constructively in the process to continue working.

Many, many thanks.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU)


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