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Travel PETSPesquisa shows that 51% of the owners of the pets only travel in the year 2020, if they can get them

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Eva always travels with her family and doesn’t leave Júlia, Alice and Dad Luis Oscar. Credit: personal file Only those who have pets at home know the joy they bring: they are company, family, love, play with children. So how do you leave them behind when it comes time to go sightseeing? A survey conducted by revealed that 51% of interviewed pet owners will only travel in 2020 if they can take their small companions. Traveling with pets has become a trend in Brazil. To reveal a little more of this tourist segment, the Tourism News Agency prepared a special report to show how the travel market is for those with pets, with tips on accommodation, travel and the opinion of a specialist. Tourism is just a part of that market, which grows year by year. Data from Instituto Pet Brasil (IPB) show that the national segment closed 2019 with a projected turnover of more than R $ 36 billion. The numbers, which are not yet closed, represent a growth of 5.4% over the consolidated result of 2018 (R $ 34.4 million). The projection for 2020 is even more optimistic: R $ 40 billion. According to IBGE data, in 2013 there were more than 132 million pets in the country. A more recent study, by the Pet Brasil Institute, estimated the presence of 139.3 million pets in the country in 2018. Veterinarian Juliana Stephani, founder of PETFriendly Turismo, a travel agency specializing in travel with pets, says it is more and more common tutors go on a tour with their pets. And the search increases for both national and international trips. “Guardians who recognize the pet’s relationship as a family member, and most of the time as children, choose to travel with their pets or not to travel”, points out.Juliana, who founded the agency in 2018, explains that today the accommodations they are already understanding this new reality and many are adapting themselves to have a really special service for these new guests. However, she explains, there are many who say they “accept pets”, but restrict the animal to the room, for example. “That is, accepting animals is not synonymous with being pet friendly. Pet friendly is to incorporate the pet guest into the reality of the hosting system. But today there are already places that use this as marketing: ‘here we accept your humans’ ”, he comments, amidst laughter. In this context, airports are following this idea and implementing adaptations to receive pets. Some offer passengers a rest area for their pets, such as the international terminal in Guarulhos (SP). The place is intended for animals to do their needs and relax, especially after long trips. An important measure when planning a stay with your pet is to search for a place that suits the animal. Juliana explains that there is no specific destination for pets, but the one that most pleases and fits the family profile. “Animals that don’t like water, for example, are not a good option to take to beaches or lakes. Older animals or animals with respiratory problems should not go to very hot places ”, guides Juliana.HOSTING – Another important initiative is to check if the accommodation is called“ pet friendly ”(in the literal translation from English, ‘animal friendly’, expression used to identify places where animals are welcome) and offers services that allow the pet to feel at ease with their parents. In Brazil, several means of accommodation have surrendered to this trend and started offering convenience to pets. Some hotel chains invite people to stay with their animals. Ibis, which is “dog friendly”, gives several tips on its website for those who want to take the pet to one of the chain’s units. Some of them are not to forget to take the hygiene kit and check if the vaccination card is up to date, as the presentation is mandatory at check-in. In São Paulo, the Maksoud Plaza starts to receive, from this month, dogs of small, which can accompany owners in the hotel rooms and corridors. According to the management of the establishment, the novelty arose from a demand from the guests themselves, who asked their pets to keep them company. “More and more businesses must be inclusive. There is certainly an even greater tendency for people to travel with their pets ”, observes Carlos Lessa, director of Sales and Marketing at Maksoud.

Accommodation facilities can be adapted to the trend of Tourism in this event. Credit: Michell Santana/Maksoud union plaza is host of the pet on the premises, it is necessary to make a reservation in advance through the communication channels, by e-mail or over the phone. Accepted-dogs up to 10 kg), and the room rate includes a comfortable bed, feeder, drinkers, and the carpet in the toilet. “The holidays pet has become a trend, and it is the responsibility of the institutions to adapt to meet the demands of various stakeholders, if they so wish. In the case of the Maksoud will certainly adapt to the market. More specifically, the grids that they operate in the Sao Paulo,” says Lessa.At the time of service, check-in, guests will receive all the guidance, and it is necessary to present a vaccination card on the day of your pet. The movement of the dog is free in the hallways, in the lobby and in the outside area, provided that it is used as a guide. In the elevator, the pet must remain in the lap of the guardian. In areas such as a restaurant, shopping, SPA, restaurant, bar, Fitness Center, movement is restricted, even though the animal in her arms. The rules do not apply to guide dogs for the blind.FAMILY of THE journalist, Luis, Oscar, Delamanha always travel with Eva, who is a Cocker, ten-year-old is the darling of the house, and especially of the daughters, Josie (6) and Alice (2). Together we’ve been to several brazilian destinations, such as Buzios, rio de janeiro, and the cities on the coast and in the interior of São Paulo state, following the example of the Internet and of wikipedia’s sister projects For him, the more structure provided to the presidents-elect training seminar, attractive, and easy it is to travel. “The woman is like a daughter, and he is always with us on the road. I always seek to give you the maximum comfort, so that she can take advantage of the good times the holidays bring us. The hotels and guest houses that offer you the possibility to get the whole family, including your pets, will always be my preference. It’s certainly a unique take into account,” he said.

TIPS – THE News Agency of Tourism has brought a series of tips to make traveling with your pet, whether it is the most peaceful and happy as possible. Check it out:Health: vaccination records, vermifugações and antipulgas always up to date. To maintain the health of your pet allows you to do so to the tutor and take it with you on the trip. It is necessary to know the location of a local veterinary hospital and 24 hours in the destination.Id: “microchipping” is a way of identifying useful and common in our world today. The pet is registered in a database that can be accessed by either a veterinarian, or agent of a toilet, for example. This makes it easy to find in case your pet gets lost.Medications: do not treat the animals so reassuring to them while in the air, so the risk to the health of your pet. There are medications to relax and decrease the nausea, but they are recommended to travel by car or by bus. Each of the tutor, you should talk to your vet to find a referral. Shipping: every airline has their own rules for carrying pets in the cabin or in the cargo hold. The most important thing is to bring your pet to the crate. For travel by car, it is recommended that, if the seat belt or the box itself. From the bus stop, all within the box. Source: PETFriendly TurismoEdição: André Martins

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