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Mr President! Mr President, ladies and gentlemen! Mr Brandner, you have just asked, which is why we do not have agreed to your request, what is the abstract norm control as to claim against the rent cover in Berlin in the course. I can give you a very clear answer: Because we want to have to do with you, with your group, and especially with you as a Person at all. No matter what you are going to propose in this house, you will never get the support of the CDU/CSU.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU, the SPD, the LEFT and ALLIANCE 90/THE GREENS as well as from members of the FDP acclamation of the Abg. Norbert Kleinwächter [AfD])

I can tell you: of Course, we see the issue in terms of what the state of Berlin does with the rent cover. I can tell you this: A group of many Union members supported an abstract norm control proceedings against the rent cover

(Niema Movassat [LEFT]: your voters find the rent cover well in Berlin!)

We talk about it, to extend the period of validity of Rent control. As a Union, we say quite clearly that We stand by the agreement we have made. We as a Union do not want to, of course, that tenants from their ancestral neighborhoods are being displaced because they can no longer afford the rent. That is why we have brought together as Wide a coalition of Rent control on the way.

We extend now the validity of Rent control for another five years. Initially, you should only apply for five years. We want to buy time, so that is actually something on the housing markets can happen, that we are to tackle the causes of rising Rents. We all know that It is of no use at all, the symptoms for meddling, but we need to get to the causes. The reason for this is that the supply of housing is too low. We need more, build faster and more cost-effective. That is why we have said: We don’t want to buy time, because it goes from today to tomorrow. That is why we have set the Rent control in force.

What has happened in the last five years? Unfortunately, too little! Now, it is the logic of this instrument, to say: Yes, the Situation on the housing market has not improved. We need five more years to come to actually make a significant improvement. But at this point I would like to say that We don’t – both from a technical as well as legal reasons – can run ad infinitum on. The Federal constitutional court said in August of last year, the non-acceptance decision to the rental price brake is very clear that the Rent must always have a Market, the rent brake, as a result, is constitutional, because it is limited, among other things, in time. Therefore, we must adhere to as a Large coalition of certain limits.

We extend now for another five years. But we connect with the very clear expectation that the countries that these five years are really used, that something happens in the housing and on the housing market, that appropriate programs will be launched, we come finally to a greater supply of housing and that the center of the company has the opportunity to find affordable housing in Berlin and elsewhere. For this, we argue, as a Union in a very special way.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU)

In the meantime, the deletion of the qualified obligation to state reasons was provided. There was a precisely executed that you can’t just make a regulation and say: This is the rent brake, which applies. – We have said that The country governments that want to do this, you need to make the justification very clearly what you want to do to get on the housing market, a relaxation. Should in the meantime be deleted. I find it very properly and very good, that the deletion of this obligation is not provided for in the bill, because this would have caused the exact opposite, and would have been wrong.

We have fixed a further point in the bill

Here it’s about a balance of interests. This can certainly be a question mark

(Interjection from the LEFT)

Can’t tell a private landlord in certain cases exactly. Since then it comes very quickly to very high repayment amounts. We must take care that we maintain, also in future, the balance of Interests.

Because here was called: Close but these exceptions! – I have to wonder a bit. You, on the Left, and the Greens have just called the Rent control, so to speak, to close off

(Applause from deputies of the CDU/CSU – Caren Lay [THE LEFT]: stick to the facts!)

The last point I would like to come to: The Union stands for the rental price brake. We are not, however, to rent cover. We are him – I can tell you – to fight. We will let him by the Federal constitutional court to verify, and that’s because we brake for the price. The rental price will no longer apply brake as soon as the rent cover here in Berlin in force. All of what we have set, for example, in the case of the capping of the modernisation costs to the plant, will no longer apply here in Berlin, as well as many other regulations such as the mietspiegel right. The tenants and tenants in this city at the end of those who will bear the damage. We are not a part of it. Therefore, colleagues from the CDU/CSU will submit the group to the Federal constitutional court for an abstract norm control proceedings. We will bring the law to the case, for the benefit of the tenants in this city.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU)


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