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Dear Mr. President, Ladies and gentlemen, Mr President, ladies and gentlemen! The Greens want to make the digitization ecologically. They claim the Federal government is neglecting this aspect of a digital transformation. And I quote: “climate and sustainability need to finally be back in the focus of digital policy ….”

Ladies and gentlemen of the Green, your request is not up-to-date. The theme of “Green IT”, we have for a Long time on the screen. Just in the last few months, a number of measures have been taken to take advantage of new technologies in a sustainable manner. We as a Union have a view of the future, criticizing the state of yesterday.

The new action plan of the Federal Ministry of research with the title: for example, “of Course. Digital. In a sustainable way.“ Here the aim is to use smart ideas for climate protection in all areas of life. We rely on technologies that reduce the consumption of raw materials and energy. And we prepare people to act in the high-tech world of tomorrow in a sustainable manner.

Ladies and gentlemen, digitalisation and sustainability are no contradiction for us, but you can push each other. This is taken into account in all strategies of the Federal government. We do not lose ourselves here in the Small-Small as this application by the Greens, but we see the global Whole. Innovative future policy.

(Applause from deputies of the CDU/CSU)

What is the colleagues in the Green well-known: The economy will be regulated to 90 percent European. So we have to wait and see in this area, the Green Deal and the EU.

(Dr. Ingrid Nestle [ALLIANCE 90/THE GREENS]: waiting to move!)

The European climate law, which forms the framework, is supposed to come in March. A focus will be the sustainable industry. The aim is to develop new markets for climate-neutral and circuit-oriented products. The textile, plastics, electronics and the construction industry are here as the First turn.

Ladies and gentlemen, the request of the Greens has a total of a little economic remuneration: not a word to the regulatory framework, not a word to the new industrial strategy, not a word about the impact on the labour market, and almost not a word to the digital economy. Here is only that the market structures with a few global IT companies hardly bring climate protection.

Ladies and gentlemen of the Green, you overlook the fact that the digital economy is much more than just a platform economy. This also includes the machinery and equipment industry, the auto industry, as well as the electrical and the steel industry. Here, the economy is weakening at the moment. Our main industries are in crisis. The Federal employment Agency expects a further increase of short-time work to 117 000 employees this month. That’s why the industries are in need of stimulus from the Federal government.

We must ensure that competition is not restricted by too much regulation. Not the market structures, but the framework conditions are adapted to the developments. Here is the promotion of green technologies can give the right impulses.

(Applause from deputies of the CDU/CSU)

Ladies and gentlemen, environmental objectives must not also compromise the security of the IT sector. More climate protection should not mean less privacy. The Greens have proposed that the Federal ministries on video conferencing – you mentioned, Mr Janecek – to put instead of travel. This is in principle a long time ago

Crucial in this context is that the technology must be right. We have spoken to in Germany and Europe for a high level of data security. We want to keep it in the future.

I come to the request of the FDP, which refers to emissions trading.

(Contradiction of the Abg. Judith Skudelny [FDP])

Here I stand: buildings and transport are not part of the emissions trading scheme. We do not want any additional burdens on the citizens, but will reward you with a tax.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU)

Ladies and gentlemen, climate change and digitalisation are the major drivers for changes in the economy and society. Therefore, the Central question for the future is: How we can use it as a competitive advantage and also as a motor for economic growth? The example of agriculture shows that The industry is regarded as a pioneer in the digitization. Autonomous Driving is already a reality. Using drones and artificial intelligence are determined land values. Intelligent machines will be able to distribute seed and fertilizer accurately. This increases the productivity and promotes the protection of the environment at the same time.

I know very well that it was in the last weeks and months many protests of the farmers. Also in my constituency Diepholz-Nienburg, many farmers fear for their existence. That’s why Smart Farming is certainly a good long term solution, and that is why we are strengthening just at this point, research and promotion. So the state of economy is the Ministry of over 50 million euros in digital experimental fields.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU)

Ladies and gentlemen, we as a Union on incentives and not on prohibitions, such as the Green to do it. We are strengthening Innovation and competitiveness and thus secure growth and jobs. Because a responsible economic policy creates the best conditions to drive climate protection forward.

Thank you for your attention.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU)


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