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Source: US State of Missouri

We are now one-third of the way through the 2020 legislative session. Already, a number of measures have been heard in committee. We have begun discussing and debating proposals on the floor of the Missouri Senate, and I expect to spend more time in the chamber in the coming weeks. I have three proposals that are making their way through the process, and would like to give you an update on them.

Senate Bill 576 would modify provisions relating to county treasurer’s duties. Senate Bill 578 seeks to provide processes for the recorder of deeds to record electronic documents, and it aims to help procedures for remote, online notarization. Both of these bills were heard last week in the Missouri Senate Local Government and Elections Committee. In the meantime, the Missouri Senate Seniors, Families and Children Committee has voted “do pass” on my Senate Bill 653, legislation that would modify provisions relating to foster parents. That bill has been reported and should be placed on the calendar soon.

There are still three months of session left, which means there is plenty of time for these measures to make their way onto the floor of Missouri Senate for full consideration, and then to move through the Missouri House of Representatives. In addition to these important policy proposals, we also have to take up and pass the budget for the next fiscal year, with a May 8 deadline for final passage. I will keep you up-to-date on this as the legislative session progresses.

I am honored to serve as your senator in the Missouri Senate. If, at any time, you have questions, concerns or ideas regarding state government, please feel free to contact me at (573) 751-8793 or

MO School Board Members Day at the Capitol
Bob Hall (Laclede County), Sen. Crawford,
Jera Shive (Polk County), Brandon VanDeren (Polk County),
Paula Hubbart (Polk County), Kyle Lancaster (Polk County),
Sheila Anderson (Polk County), Dr. Tony Berry (Polk County),
Laura Oquinn (Laclede County) and Dr. David Schmitz (Laclede County)

Missouri Retired Teachers Association (MRTA)
Day at the Capitol, Dallas County
Cay Sergent, Faye Peters, Sen. Crawford,
Mary Ellen Chapman and Marcia Shepard

Missouri Retired Teachers Association (MRTA)
Day at the Capitol, Pettis County
Katie Boehner, Carolyn Hays, Sen. Crawford
and Wanda Meyer

Missouri Retired Teachers Association (MRTA)
Day at the Capitol (St. Clair, Hickory, Cedar and
Polk Counties)

State Fair Community College, Pettis County
Tyler Kempf, Tatem Marbut, Sen. Crawford
and Jeremy Simmons

Retired Teachers from
State Fair Community College, Pettis County
Joe Horacek, Bret Appleton, Sen. Crawford
and Gerald Evans

MO Association of Rural Health Clinics
Day at the Capitol
Randy Moore (Polk County) and Sen. Crawford

Central Missouri Credit Union Day at the Capitol
Phyllis Domann (Pettis County) and Sen. Crawford

Carl Long, Mayor of Humansville (Polk County),
visited Sen. Crawford at the Capitol.

City of Lebanon visited Sen. Crawford at
the Capitol
Councilman Jonathan Reagan,
Asst. City Admin. And City Clerk Laina Starnes,
Sen. Crawford, Councilwoman Sheila Mitchell,
City Admin. Mike Schumache and Mayor Jared Carr

MO Association of County Developmental
Disabilities Services (MACDDS) Day at the Capitol
Connie Hays (Saline County),
Ann Graff (Pettis County) and Sen. Crawford

MO Dental Hygienists Day at the Capitol,
State Fair Community College
Hunter Summers, Sen. Crawford, Jenn Meyer
and Diane Hoffman

Dallas County Technical Center Day at the Capitol

Distributors Day at the Capitol, Missouri Eagle
Betty Bays (Lebanon), Steve Grimm (Joplin),
Sen. Crawford, David Pryor (Joplin) and
Jared Plassmeyer (Lebanon)

Distributors Day at the Capitol, County Distributing
Paul Beykirch (Pettis County), Sen. Crawford
and Bob Hladik (Pettis County)

Dallas County Treas. Becky Schofield visited
Sen. Crawford at the Capitol.

Brian Hammons, Hammons Products Co.
(Cedar County) visited Sen. Crawford at the Capitol.

Director of the MO Dept. of Economic
Development, Rob Dixon, and staff met with
Sen. Crawford, Hollie Elliott (Dallas County
Economic Development) and Gail Noggle (Bolivar
Economic Development) last week about
rural economic development.