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Source: CDU, CSU,

Madam President, Ladies and gentlemen, The primary concern of the AfD, a clear stance against religious extremism, against Islamism, is not quite correct. This corresponds to the Actions of our security agencies. But your request, as you have submitted it today, is above all: He is hypocritical. He is hypocritical in three ways: firstly, in the question of how narrow the protection of the Constitution. You can congratulate you actually

(Applause from deputies of the CDU/CSU and the SPD – Martin Hess [AfD]: but That is not the subject!)

– You say that it is not the issue.

(Dr. Bernd Baumann [AfD]: Not in this debate!)

I also want to tell you: For us, one thing is clear: the protection of the free democratic basic order, there is not à la carte,

(Tino Chrupalla [AfD]: we have seen in Thuringia!)

but it is only in the overall context, ladies and gentlemen.

(Applause from deputies of the CDU/CSU and the Abg. Stephan Thomae [FDP] – Tino Chrupalla [AfD]: Aha!)

If you don’t then say: “This is all not so bad”, I want to reciprocate in all clarity: ladies and gentlemen, those who tolerate the extremists in their own ranks, and limits to the extremism of the blurring, are no better than the extremists themselves. – It must be clear to us.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU, the SPD and the FDP as well as members of the ALLIANCE 90/THE GREENS)

– Nice that The Left not clapping because, ladies and gentlemen

(Michael Grosse-Brömer [CDU/CSU]: a Guilty Conscience!)

But the hypocrisy of not only relates to your dealing with the extremism, but also on their attitude to Israel. It is beautifully and correctly, you are asking for a stronger bilateral security cooperation with Israel. This corresponds to the reality of our security agencies, and is also a real goal

(Applause from the CDU/CSU and the FDP)

In addition, the hypocrisy, of course, refers to the fact that you are here talking about the protection of the Constitution. I remember here in debates, when the Constitution has decided the protection of consciously and correctly, the wings closer look, and also the relations with the extreme right-wing group within the AfD to look at. As was your claim the protection of the Constitution to abolish best to reduce its budget completely.

(Filiz Polat [ALLIANCE 90/THE GREENS]: still!)

To do this, you must say one thing: Since you are no better than the left party and others.

(Dr. André Hahn [LEFT]: insolence! – Jan Korte [THE LEFT]: Nothing terms, since Thuringia!)

The protection of the Constitution is not a means of political struggle, to be blind on one side, but he’s supposed to go on full Front against any Form of extremism, ladies and gentlemen.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU as well as from members of the FDP – Jan Korte [THE LEFT]: Nothing to terms! Nothing to get it!)

Also – this is too – is your solution plenty of one-dimensional. You are talking about the banning of associations in the Islamist scene, is correct, and that is also what our Federal government practiced the Ministry of the interior. But we must not all forget that the banning of associations may perhaps restrict organizational structures, but they do not prevent the extremist attitude. That’s why we need in addition to repressive measures, prevention and Integration. For just such a holistic approach, our coalition government stands for.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU as well as from members of the SPD)

Vice-President Claudia Roth:

Mr Amthor, allow you take a question or remark by Mrs De Ridder?

Philip Amthor (CDU/CSU):


Dr. Daniela De Ridder (SPD):

Thank you, Mr Amthor, that you allow the question. – You have just pointed out – was at least understanding of your speech – that the extremism of the right, the same from the left on the hair. I don’t know if I have understood you properly

You think that this is a dangerous equation, and is not intended also the possibility of a complete trivialisation of the extreme right-wing violence?

(Martin Hess [AfD]: The left-wing extremism!)

To me,no act of violence from the left is known, for example,

(Laughter of the Abg. Martin Hess [AfD])

the has attacked a mosque, or a synagogue, but the Latter in reference to hall in the context of right-wing violence. How do you see that, and I understood this correctly?

(Applause from the SPD and the LEFT as well as from members of the ALLIANCE 90/THE GREENS)

Philip Amthor (CDU/CSU):

Mrs De Ridder, first of all, I’m not a friend of the horseshoe theory. But I’m a staunch friend of our Constitution and the protection of the Constitution, and a clear stance against any Form of extremism belongs to.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU – Gökay Akbulut [LEFT]: Look in your own ranks!)

It surprised me, but then very, that you, now, also in the SPD, apparently, this theory. Just as you accuse the advocates of a clear stance against Right – and left-wing extremism to want to this right-wing play down, tried to use this theory to play down left-wing extremism. For us there is no compromise. What is punishable, what is against our liberal-democratic basic order, must be fought, and we stand with firm Conviction.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU and the FDP – Jan Korte [LEFT]: value Union! Value Union!)

– Yes, you can call like.

(Jan Korte [THE LEFT]: What a chatterbox!)

I think it is significant that you will feel mentioned here, if there are other practices clearly against extremism. You have to make first of all with yourself.

(Jan Korte [THE LEFT]: you have understood nothing! Since Thuringia, you have understood nothing!)

Ladies and gentlemen, how about a bit of the emotion to take it out: If you want to do all of the right and left sides something factual for the protection of the Constitution, then I advise you: If it is Islam, if you want to extremely fight extremism effectively, then you do not need speeches on the protection of the Constitution, but then you need the protection of the Constitution, with expertise on the amount of time. Exactly we are working with the forthcoming amendment of the Federal Constitution protection act.

To make if we manage now, skills at the level of the time – with the online search, with the source telecommunication surveillance, the forensic system to copy, then we have a constitutional protection that is strong, can well approach, you can argue better against any Form of extremism. To do this, is our basic belief.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU – Jan Korte [THE LEFT]: Yes, with the AfD!)


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