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Source: Belarus Ministry of Foreign Affairs in English

We are disappointed by the EU Council decision, adopted on February 17, 2020, to prolong the European Union’s restrictive measures against Belarus for another year. 
We believe that these restrictions are an ungrounded throwback to the past and manifestation of political inertia in the EU’s approaches to building a dialog with Belarus. It is obvious that Belarus-EU relations have advanced much more in recent years than in the previous decade of sanctions. We are convinced that the EU itself is fully aware that the ritualistic prolongation of the restrictive measures against Belarus does not yield any positive results. 
We once again call on the European Union to drop the sanction-related clichés that impede a normal dialog and cooperation in the bilateral format and joint efforts to combat common threats in our region. We remain committed to building full-fledged good-neighborly and partner relations with the European Union, including on some sensitive matters. 
We call on the EU to keep expanding the political dialog with Belarus, including in the context of pragmatic regional cooperation. We hope that in the near future the relations between Belarus and Europe will become truly non-discriminatory. 
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