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Muscovites will be able to make gifts with their hands, watch a film “Officers” and dance on recrudescence.

From 17 to 23 February in the territorial centers of social service (TSSO) will be held lectures and concerts dedicated to the defender of the Fatherland Day. What events are worth a visit — the selection

17 Feb

TCSO “Orekhovo” (the branch of “Orekhovo-Borisovo South”, Domodedovskaya street, building 24, building 4) organizes open lecture on breathing exercises qigong. It will hold a professional coach from the leisure centre and sport the “South”. Participants will be at 09:00.

At 11:45 in TSSO “Zelenograd” (Zelenograd, building 205A) on the eve of defender of the Fatherland Day will show the film Lyudmila Basova “Meeting with friends”.

“My family center “Izmailovo”” (Baikalskaya street, the house 76, the case 1) invites to the concert of creative collectives of area will sing songs and read poems, and the students congratulate the veterans and present them with commemorative gifts. Beginning at 16:00.

Gala concert will take place in TSSO “Mozhaisk” (branch “Krylatskoe”, Rublevsky highway, the house 36, the case 2). For visitors of the center have prepared contests and congratulations. The concert will begin at 12:30.

18 Feb

TCSO “Kuzminki” (ulitsa Zelenodolskaya, house 36, building 1) invites to the concert of vocal group “Russkoe razdole”. The choir and soloists will perform folk songs. Guests are welcome at 12:00.

In the branch “solar” (Zelenograd, building 826) of TCSO “Zelenograd” at 13:20 meeting of the club “Arabesk”, which brings together lovers of singing. Participants will make up the repertoire, will be rehearse and prepare for performances.

To listen to the lecture “Faina Ranevskaya. The woman-a legend” will be in TSSO “Orekhovo” (branch “Brateevo” street Alma-Atinskaya, the house 10, building 3). Here tells the biography of the actress, laugh at her ironic quotations and conduct a quiz. Beginning at 13:30.

TCSO “Fili-Davydkovo” (branch “Dorogomilovsky” street Student’s, 42) will hold a master class “Gifts on February 23”. Everyone waiting at 14:00. In Department of day stay of children and adolescents “My family center Western Degunino” (Spring street, building 20) at 16:00 will start the master class “Card fathers”.

19 Feb

A festive concert “From the heroes of yore” will be held in TSSO “Butovo” (branch “Northern Butovo” ulitsa starokachalovskaya, 3, building 1). In the program — the performance of the ensemble “Sudarushka”. Beginning at 13:00.

In TSSO “Chertanovo” (branch “Chertanovo Central” street of the red Beacon, the house 4, building 5) at 13:30 there will be a lecture on healthy eating. It will read the head of the Department of urban clinics № 170 Tatiana Tati. Also, students will be able to pass the examination to identify risk factors of noncommunicable diseases.

In TCSO Babushkinskaya (branch Otradnoe, ulitsa Rimskogo-Korsakova, Dom 6) will take place a concert “the Defenders of glory!”. The stage is the dance group “the Years have not trouble” and the ensemble “accord”. Guests are welcome at 14:00.

In TSSO “zyuzino” (branch of “Academic” street Big Cheremushkinsky, house 32, building 2) will be held the contest “Superdeluxe Academic area.” Beginning at 15:00.

Center of social aid to family and children “Dmitrov” (the Karelian Boulevard, building 21, building 1) invites to the school art Studio “growth”. The participants will make a postcard for February 23 in the art of scrapbooking. Beginning at 17:00.

20 Feb

To take part in sports competitions, relay races and contests will be able to CSO “Moscow” (Moscow, 1-y Mikrorayon, Dom 49). Here at 11:00 starts the festival “My years — my wealth”.

At 12:20 in TSSO “Novogireevo” (ulitsa Kuskovskaya, house 23, building 2) will begin a concert “Proud of the Motherland, the glorious sons!”. Guests will hear Patriotic songs and poems. Also there will be the Vernissage of the exhibition Liubov Gogoleva “Reflection”.

In the cultural center “Resonance” (street Fan, the house 12, building 1) men congratulate with the Day of defender of the Fatherland. In the concert program — performances of the vocal ensemble of Russian song “MATVEEVSKOE grannies”, theatrical Studio Stage and the dance group “Good girl”. The public is invited to 13:00.

TCSO “Bibirevo” (branch “Sochi”, Putevoy proezd, house 20, building 2) invites to the concert “invincible and legendary: the songs of the Russian army”. Beginning at 13:30. In TSSO “Marino” (branch “Kapotnya”, Kapotnya, 1st quarter, 14) will host a concert “About heroes of former times”. In the program — performance of vocal group “Harmony” Cultural center named after I. M. Astakhova and participants of creative collectives of the project “Moscow longevity.” Beginning at 13:30.

The concert “gentlemen” will be held in TSSO “Yuzhnoportovy” (a branch of the Lomonosovskaya street, hospital, home 6). It offers a festive program and the performances of ensemble “Singing heart”. Beginning at 13:30.

In TSSO “Zelenograd” (Zelenograd, building 855) held a regional contest “Superdeluxe-2020”. The event is carried out in the framework of celebration of defender of the Fatherland Day. Beginning at 14:00.

In the center of social aid to family and children “Dmitrov” (the Karelian Boulevard, building 21, building 1) at 14:00 will be an interactive lesson, “Master of tales” that helps to develop imagination. The young participants will come up with a story under the guidance of experts of the center.

21 Feb

At 11:00 in the SSC Troitskiy (Troitsk, microdistrict, building 40) will begin a concert “men dedicated!”. The stage is the choir “Hope”.

TCSO “Marino” (branch Lyublino, a Quiet street, the house 23, building 1) invites to the concert “Russian patterns”, which will begin at 11:30. There will be a vocal group “Smile” and the participants of the project “Moscow longevity.”

In TSSO “Kuzminki” (branch “Printers”, ulitsa 1-ya Kuryanovskaya, house 35) will be an interactive event, “One day before the order.” Guests will sing karaoke, dance and watch movie. Beginning at 12:00.

In TSSO “Orekhovo” (the branch of “Orekhovo-Borisovo South”, Domodedovskaya street, building 24, building 4) will pass a concert “the Defenders! Vivat!”. A group of “Retro with a quality mark” will perform hits of the war years. Beginning at 12:00.

Organize a concert in TSSO “Zelenograd” (Zelenograd, korpus 2014). Here the ensemble will perform “Nocturne”. Spectators will be at 12:00.

Concert “Brave soldiers” will be held in TSSO “Fili-Davydkovo” (street Artamonova, Dom 6, korpus 2). The creative team of “Lira” will perform military songs. Beginning at 14:00.

At 16:00 to congratulate the defenders will be at the cultural center of Shcherbinka (street Theatre, house 1A).

22 Feb

In the rehabilitation center for disabled “crafts” (Zelenograd, building 1124) at 11:00 will play for guidance. Participants will learn more about the labor market and Bank vacancies available.

Dance at recrudescence in honor of February 23 will be in TSSO “Tsaritsyno” (the street of Fun, the house 11). Beginning at 13:00. And in TSSO “Eastern Izmailovo” (branch of “Golyanovo”, ulitsa Novosibirskaya, 3) at 13:30 will show a film “Officers”.

February 23

In TSSO “Running” (street of Truth, house 1/2) will pass a concert “Day of defender of the Fatherland.” Here to congratulate veterans of the great Patriotic war and will be the ensemble “Russian song”. Beginning at 10:00.

CSO “Moscow” (branch “Voskresenskoye”, the village part-time Farm Voskresenskoe, building 33, room 2) invited to the feast “Defenders of the Fatherland, with love…”, which will start at 14:00. Guests will take part in the campaign “My defender” and see an exhibition of works by participants of the project “Moscow longevity.” It will also host the concert.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure will not be perfect.

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