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Get acquainted with Dr. Dolittle, who was holding Korney Chukovsky, admiring the inimitable entertainer from “the Unusual concert”, long-armed scared of Koschei and learn how these and other dolls from favourite ballets.

In these theatres all for real: the doll-actors cry so that the tears run a river, dancing tango, wiggling mustache ride tour in special vehicles and even retire. The large, intricate, old, modern and whimsical puppets of the Central puppet theatre named after S. V. Obraztsov, Moscow puppet theatre and the Moscow children’s shadow theater — in the material

State academic Central puppet theatre named after Sergey Obraztsov

The most famous doll: entertainer Aplombov

Entertainer Eduard Aplombov from “the Unusual concert” — the star puppet of the puppet Theatre Obraztsov. Aplombov got into the Guinness Book of records as the protagonist of the setting, which was watched by the largest number of viewers in the world. The play this year is ‘ 74. At the theater and the play, and the doll can still be seen today. It survived the mechanism of 1968, when production came in the second edition (the first edition came out in 1946).

The idea of having this character belonged to Sergey Obraztsova. Working on “the Unusual concert”, he jokingly suggested: “why don’t we make a doll-entertainer?” The idea was supported, and the artist Valentin Andrievich immediately got down to business. As a prototype Aplombov he used the image of a very famous entertainer in those years — witty and talented Michael harkavy.

≠≠≠≠One of the most beautiful rooms of “the Unusual concert” — the “tango”. He is still considered the pinnacle of creativity of the actor-puppeteer. The difficulty is that the two dolls manage eight and sometimes nine people. The room requires a synchronicity and precision of movements. Each of the actors need to remember their score and task, because the slightest mismatch will immediately catch the eye.

Doll-centenarians: the play “By magic”

The premiere of performance “By magic” took place in 1937 and it still remains in the repertoire, but this time with a new puppet actors that mimic the first. And the first doll is now kept in the Museum theater.

Mainly involved in the production of a simple glove puppets, which are called parsley. However, the performance was full of tricks. For example, Princess Nesmeyana, crying for real, tears down her cheeks flowed literally a stream, and the doll Nanny had to substitute for them the bucket. Another interesting move artist Nikolai Solntsev came up with for the company of soldiers: a few dolls joined special design so that they can March in tune.

At that time it was a real breakthrough for puppeteers. It is not surprising that such a performance appeared here: initially, the Central puppet theatre emerged as a laboratory of experimental puppet genre.

The largest doll: Genie Cashcash

In another old play, “the Magic lamp of Aladdin” played here in 1940 involved the largest puppet theatre — a three-meter Genie Kashkash. It was invented by Boris Tuzlukov, the main artist of the theater who worked there from 1936 to 1970. Production appeared due to him: he showed the film Director Sergey Obraztsova play classic puppet drama Nina Gernet. A long discussion was the issue of how to perform the Genie to make it look magical and mysterious. In the end, decided that he will play the man who will wear special tights, and a coat of paint.

Tuzlukov did not argue, but the next day presented the doll, which was making secret. Character’s body was ruled by three actors. The design is quite simple: the head of a Genie placed at the Central three-meter stick-cane, two other walking stick was a hand — claws, and terrible. The body of the Genie the artist made from a beautiful purple fabric that was highlighted and wavered like a flame. Inside the head of the doll was hidden a special mechanism that allowed her to open and close eyes, mouth, whiskers and wiggle ears, raise and lower eyebrows.

The most complicated doll: Old Madam

The old Lady character on the new show “the Old Signor and…”, which premiered in 2012. For the manufacture of lords used modern materials, including silicone, used to make the so-called Hyper realistic dolls. The artist Viktor Nikonenko the task was to evoke the feeling that this is a living person. Inside this silicone shell is a special design that a person could revive, move, even the pupils.

A doll driven by multiple actors: one is worn on great design, which includes the shoulders of the doll and the head, the other moving her torso, one hand. Thus two simultaneously responsible for the head. Artists received for this work the award “Golden mask” is a unique case where one role was rewarded several people.

Moscow puppet theatre

The the audience favorite doll: elephant

In the play “Elephant” on the short story by Alexander Kuprin comes into play a real elephant. That is almost a real — doll in natural size. When he appears, the audience gasp in surprise — not only because of the size. The doll is most similar to a live elephant. This is one of the most complex puppet of the Moscow theatre of dolls to life on stage, with her work from several actors.

This doll was invented by Eugene shakhot’ko, chief designer of the Moscow puppet theatre, laureate of “Golden mask”. The award she received nine years ago for the play “the Snowman”. By the way, along with Director Natalia Pakhomova and actors Sergey Arbuzov and Alexander Shadrin Eugene nominated and on the current “Golden mask” — now with “Elephant.” This show not only in Moscow but in other Russian cities it was taken to festivals in Voronezh and Kirov. The performer of the title role, as expected the elephant on tour went to three-ton truck.

The most difficult arranged doll: Kashchey the Immortal

Another doll-giant bones from the play “the frog Princess”. In this setting, many unusual dolls, but the wizard is the undisputed leader. Its author — the artist Natalia Mishina, also the winner of “Golden mask”.

Koschei appears as a skeleton, his bones are like branches of oak, which contains a chest with death. This doll is also driven by multiple actors: one is responsible for right hand, the other on the left, the third for the head and torso.

The doll is impressive, and the kids react to it accordingly. Someone euceet, someone takes his mother’s hand, but this is only a first impression — and then the guys gets interesting. And when they see that the wizard is run by people, just calm down. Sometimes on the show give kids, who may even cry, so it is very important to observe the age recommendations of the theatre and not to bring children under the age of five.

The most modern doll: Kleber

Last summer the theater hosted the premiere of for Teens “Nerd” in the book contemporary French women writers Marie-Aude Murail staged by Natalia Pakhomova. The artist Natalia Mishina invented for “Nerd” unusual stunt dolls with intricate mechanics. The body of each doll — conventional geometrical shape and the hands and feet (and some head) belong to living actors.

“Nerd” is a story about the search for the self and growing up. Kleber, brother of the Nerd, directed by Pakhomova became the main character, in the course of action changes. In the beginning he had a triangular head with a blank white face and a narrow cylindrical body. Kleber is a typical difficult teenager: constantly walks around with headphones, and the face close hands. Closer to the end of the performance, his mask effectively decreases as the egg shell, exposing the real face.

Moscow children’s shadow theater

The doll with the richest history: Aibolit

The doctor saw not one generation of spectators of the Moscow children’s shadow theater. It was created in 1963 to the same performance based on the story by Korney Chukovsky. The doll was invented by Nikolay Tselikov, who was the main artist of the theater. By the way, Chukovsky was present at the rehearsals of productions, a premiere. Doll he really liked.

The Director of the play, the then Director Emil may, made a real revolution in the theatre of shadows. For the first time along with the shadow puppets in the play were involved and three-dimensional puppets on the screen. The unusual performance quickly became very popular.

The doctor refers to Capito-kinds dolls. It is controlled by one actor, hidden from the audience behind the screen (in the theater it is called a bed). With one hand, with the help of the ensemble (short stick), the person controls the dolls head and the other moves with the help of canes.

Production, not counting a small break, not coming from the posters more than 50 years. In 2018, was made a new doll, an exact copy of the former. And the first doctor left for a well-deserved retirement and is now resting behind the scenes.

The most difficult: Chinese shadow puppets

Chinese shadow puppets are very difficult to manage — with one doll can work three. One leads a special walking stick head and torso, the other hand, the third — legs. Thus all three need to act completely in sync, so that the doll could move smoothly.

These dolls started manufacturing in China more than a thousand years ago. They were made of finely tanned leather, dyed so that the doll cast a colored shadow. Now using a modern material — plastic color. Dolls became even brighter, the image resembles the animated on screen color cartoon.

In the Theater of Chinese shadows puppet can be seen in the play “the Black hen” by Antony Pogorelsky’s story, which he wrote for his nephew Alexei Tolstoy in 1829. In the production of the music of Igor Stravinsky and Alfred Schnittke.

The creepy doll: the hound of the Baskervilles

Anyone who has read Arthur Conan Doyle, remember: the beast with Ginensky marshes glowed in the dark, terrified the whole neighbourhood, and brought to the death of sir Charles Baskerville. Doll depicting her performance of “Sherlock”, the lethal effect does not produce, but at least makes chill. Her most glowing face made of coloured transparent inserts. From time to time they’re hidden under the dark protective cloth, which at the right time is removed. Looks awesome. However, the dog itself, which leads the narrative, is very kind and sociable.

“Sherlock” is a theatrical series on the works of Arthur Conan Doyle, which is gradually updated with new stories. At the moment, except for the “hound of the Baskervilles”, released two more: “the Vampire of Sussex” and “the Speckled band”.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure will not be perfect.

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