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Source: Socialist Republic of Vietnam

The outstanding feature of eSign is that any digital signature or electronic invoice issuance can be carried out right on smartphone instead of having both a computer and a USB token as before.

Business owners can easily delegate the right of signing documents for parts or directly sign on their phones at any time and in anywhere via eSign. As a result, multiple people and branches can participate in signing and issuing invoices at the same time, without waiting for USB tokens or having to buy and manage multiple USB tokens.

Being included in the MISA digital transformation ecosystem, eSign has been integrated in e-invoice software and accounting software MISA SME.NET to help facilitate simple operation on signing and performing other operations at the same time, such as issuing invoices and declaring taxes, customs and social insurance.

In particular, eSign is designed with a signing speed of 2,100 documents per second so that users can handle large workloads in a short time.

In addition, it is applied under European regulation eIDAS on electronic identification and trust services and ISO 27001 standard to manage information security processes, helping ensure maximum security of information and electronic transactions of customers.

The successful research and development of eSign to completely replace the signing method with USB token is a pioneering step of MISA in the revolution of digital signature technology.

MISA with 25 years of experience in accounting – finance software and business administration has launched eSign with the desire to make it a useful tool in changing the inconvenient old way of signing digital signatures, helping to digitise data and accelerate e-transactions for businesses.

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