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The Bundestag decides on recognition for those who were branded as “Asocials” or “career criminal”.

In the Nazi dictatorship, only the arbitrary and the random decide who the Regime as “anti-social” brand-market – fell including migrant workers, the homeless, young people, who belonged to the proscribed American Swing music. The Bundestag has adopted this topic and an important decision for the recognition of these groups of victims caught.

Generally, they used this name quickly for those who do not want to adapt to the Regime. The same applied for the title “career criminal” that she could already be on someone applied who had been detained without a judicial decision, in preventive detention.

Black angle, the green angle

Both groups imprisoned in the concentration camp, where they signed the “anti-social” by black, the “professional criminal” through the green angle characteristic. Exact numbers of victims there are, however, historians of several tens of thousands of people Affected, the camps had to do in the concentration of forced labor and tortured. Many died of the suffered reprisals.

Germany-Wide Exhibition

The Bundestag has now decided, these people as victims to recognize them in the public consciousness and the state intend to attach greater importance to and intensify the scientific research of their persecution. An exhibition to be shown in Germany, will remember this group – this concept will be developed by the Foundation “memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe”.

Victims deserve rehabilitation

In the Bundestag debate, the Union’s Deputy Melanie Bernstein explained: “The term ‘Asocial’ was not defined precisely, he was aware of to be broadly construed, and therefore served as an Instrument of oppression. As a ‘career criminal’ in the concentration camps Prisoners were mostly small-time criminals with multiple convictions. After Serving their sentence, they were taken to concentration camps without any legal basis. In 1942, they were released of all the so-called ‘extermination through work’. I don’t see the need for a review of the individual case, such as the AfD, you would like to. All of these people are victims and they deserve to be rehabilitated and publicly recognized.“ It was true that the Affected by the full recognition as victims of national socialism, finally, benefits under the war law, compensation, consequences can be obtained.

In schools, the Concerned talk

Volker Ullrich pointed out that the Concerned have been too long in the shadows. He summed it up: “We are acting too late – but better now than never.” It would be good if from now on in schools, and memorials this people is spoken – you deserve it


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