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Source: President of Russia – Kremlin

The event is attended by representatives of legislative and executive authorities, science, art, as well as prominent public figures. * * * V. Putin: Dear colleagues, good afternoon, we met almost a month ago, and I know that the working group has practically I immediately started this work, to put it bluntly, it’s not easy. And I understand that, when you started it, you felt how actively people are reacting, and the number of [draft] amendments, in my opinion, has already been received over five hundred, to my mind. This, of course, is a serious challenge, and not only for the working group – for all of us, because nevertheless we are working with you on the Basic Law. This is what it is called in the Constitution – the Basic Law, because it underlies our entire legal system and regulates all the basic, fundamental principles of our life. It is extremely important here to verify every word, every letter, every comma. But at the same time, of course, there is nothing to lose, but, on the contrary, to meet the challenges of today, not to slander what was created by the, frankly, hard work of all our people and enshrined in the current Constitution. I am sure that today we will discuss some issues of precisely this nature, of this order. What do I mean? In 1993, some things could not be enshrined in the law, not only in the Basic Law, in the Constitution – in general in no law, because this was not easy. Well, let’s say there wasn’t such a proliferation of the Internet and there wasn’t much more – the first. Secondly, there was no such condition as our country is now in. It was difficult for us to formulate some things, especially those related to the sovereignty of the country or to the place of our country in the world. We could not then guarantee social guarantees, I apologize for the tautology, guarantee, because the economy was in such a state that any laws could be passed in parliament, but if they were not backed by finances, then it was more or less pointless, and moreover, it was even harmful. Then we realized that it was simply harmful, because the law was adopted, clearly not hoping that it would be implemented. Because, when adopting the law, they already knew that there were no resources for its implementation. And then, of course, we could not, could only formulate social guarantees in a general way. And now – no, now we have such an opportunity. The same indexation of pensions, for example, or the minimum wage, and so on. It was then impossible to write it in the Basic Law. Now the economy is in a different state, we can, and if we can, then we must do it. I understand that there are a lot of questions, I will not distract you with some general phrases. Today we have a purely working meeting. I know that you travel a lot in the regions and in Moscow you work with people, accept them, and you are constantly in touch with professional communities. Therefore, we have a second, but also absolutely working meeting. I’m at your service. If there are any problems that you would like to raise at this, the second, our meeting – let’s discuss them. Thank you very much for your attention. To be continued.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation from Russian Language to English.

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