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Source: European Parliament

The Moroccan Parliament plans to adopt laws 37.17 and 38.17 delimiting its exclusive economic zone (EEZ) at its session on Wednesday 22 January.

The text to be submitted for debate unilaterally extends the Moroccan EEZ to 350 miles, de facto extending it into the waters of the Canary Islands, which are under Spanish, and therefore European, sovereignty.

In accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, in the event that the delimitation of an EEZ conflicts with the waters of another State, the delimitation should be carried out by mutual agreement between the two parties, something which is not the case in this instance given the unilateral nature of the Moroccan decision.

The fact that Morocco claims sovereignty over the waters off Western Sahara, which it is occupying illegally, constitutes an even more flagrant violation of international law.

In view of this blatant encroachment on the sovereignty and interests of a Member State:

What measures do the High Representative and the European External Action Service intend to take to defend Spanish and European interests in the face of the unilateral Moroccan decision to extend its EEZ into the waters of the Canary Islands? How does the Moroccan decision affect the advanced status?

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