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Source: European Parliament

The deployment of 5G technology across mobile networks is set to transform industry and services. This shift will need to be addressed by market players, but also by national and European legislators. Decisive action is therefore required to safeguard the integrity of online systems in these increasingly overlapping sectors: defence, health, banking and financial services, energy and transport.

The Commission has recently adopted a communication which addresses threats to the security of 5G systems.

The UK ceased to be a member of the EU on 31 January, but its government will continue to exchange information during the transitional period and beyond, and announced that it will work with Huawei to install the UK’s 5G network. This company is subject to the National Security Law of the People’s Republic of China.

We would like to ask:

Can the Commission guarantee the integrity of information systems and databases, especially those shared with the UK, during the transitional period?

What is the Commission’s view on Member States, such as Portugal, which choose to ignore its recommendations to consider the ‘legal and political framework’ (1) in talks with telecom operators on the deployment of 5G technology?

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