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Source: Russia Ministry of Sport

Today, February 11, in Krasnoyarsk, the Minister of sport of the Russian Federation Oleg Matytsin and the Governor of Krasnoyarsk region Alexander USS has held a working meeting, which discussed issues of development of physical culture and sports in the region.

In particular, the parties considered the transfer of objects of the cluster “Hill” and “rainbow” in the Federal property and creation of a hotel infrastructure in the area of “Rainbow”. In addition, they discussed the holding in Krasnoyarsk region international events.

“Last year in Krasnoyarsk successfully hosted the world winter Universiade. It’s really a memorable event and, probably, today it is a symbol of Russia as a sports power, – said Oleg Matytsin in the course of communication with media representatives. The entire global sports community praised the standards of construction that have been prepared, the infrastructure of Krasnoyarsk, which today is one example for all international sports federations”.

“Today we are opening the school sports day. This is an important event from the sporting point of view and from the point of view of upbringing and education of our children, – the Minister continued. Because the sport will always be an important part of building a successful future. The children who passed through the school of sport, will remember those lessons when they become athletes or will be engaged in other professions. Respect the coach, respect, the ability to play is the foundations and principles of success that are laid at a young age. And of course, very important for them and honored that the competition is held in Krasnoyarsk on the most modern sports facilities. I’m sure these lessons will help them be proud of the Motherland, their regions and cities to be proud that they are the children of the great country of Russia”.

“The legacy of the Universiade, above all, the objects should serve the people of the Krasnoyarsk territory. Because the main task is health, the formation of a comfortable environment for sports,” said Oleg Matytsin.

“I would like to thank Oleg Vasilyevich because he as the first region for his visit as the Minister of sports of the Russian Federation chose Krasnoyarsk Krai. It says a lot, said Alexander USS. – Oleg Vasilevich has played a very important role in making the Universiade in Krasnoyarsk was held. And took place so was one of the most successful sports events of the University’s plan for all history of their carrying out”.

“Today we discussed the topic regarding the use of the Universiade venues as heritage, – said the Governor. – Oleg personally made sure that the objects work, and at full capacity. Not only in the narrow sense of the word, but used as a recreational area for public skating and physical training, what was the main goal. These properties are built on public money and should serve the people, demonstrate. We have a separate issue is the transfer of two of these sites (“Hill” and “rainbow”) in the Federal property. But this does not restrict the possibility of their use, including Krasnoyarsk. In the near future we should offer some kind of roadmap, since we are talking about joint activities on the part of the Ministry of sport, Ministry of education and the Krasnoyarsk territory. I hope it will be completed within this calendar year”.

Oleg Matytsin is located in Krasnoyarsk one-day working visit. The Minister has visited the sports complex “biathlon Academy”, multi-functional sports complex “Sopka” and the ice Palace “Crystal arena”. He discussed with representatives of the sports community in Krasnoyarsk region the issues of development of industry of physical culture and sports. Also the head of the Ministry of sports of Russia held a meeting on the preparations for the international sporting events in the years 2020-2025, which will take Krasnoyarsk.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation from Russian Language to English.

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